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By IHI Open School | Monday, Jul 08, 2019
The Open School Chapter at the University of Illinois at Chicago recently won a case competition, during which they were tasked with addressing a real-world problem: housing insecurity and homelessness in the local Minneapolis community. The team proposed the HOPE initiative, tying collaborative medical care with partnerships with community stakeholders to create a potential sustainable solution.


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By IHI Open School | Friday, Jun 28, 2019
The IHI Open School's Recover Hope Campaign aims to promote the awareness, prevention, and treatment of substance use disorders. The Ryerson University Chapter of the IHI Open School has leveraged this campaign to encourage efforts in their surrounding community – partnering with other student-led groups, hosting naloxone trainings, and sharing their harm reduction approach with local stakeholders.


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By Stijn De Jonge | Friday, Mar 22, 2019
A team at Amsterdam University Medical Center reached out to peers, advisors, department heads, and even the board of directors to design a new IHI Open School Chapter. Read about the strategies they applied to build support, the resources they used, and the advice that most inspired them.


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By Emily Maegerlein | Tuesday, Feb 19, 2019
A team at Purdue University is collaborating with community members to gather data, offer education, and ask community members what resources they need to address substance use disorders. Learn how they launched this project with guidance from IHI’s online course, “Leadership and Organizing for Change.”


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By Juhi Gor | Friday, Feb 15, 2019
By prioritizing interprofessional events, student leaders are expanding their team’s ability to do quality improvement work. Take inspiration from one IHI Open School Chapter’s work to foster an interprofessional community to develop QI skills and challenge the status quo.


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