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What are IHI Open School Chapters doing?

By IHI Open School | Wednesday, May 6, 2015

It’s the time of year when the IHI Open School checks in with our more than 700 Chapters worldwide. Each year, we ask each Chapter to submit a Chapter Progress Report, to help us understand what you’ve accomplished and what the Open School team can do to support you. Be sure to have your voice heard, and submit your report this year by June 1.

To show you why this matters, we thought we’d share some of our learnings from last year’s Chapter Progress Reports. Here’s what you said you needed from the IHI Open School in 2014:

Chapter support

What have we done in response?

This year, we’ve created dozens of new video activities for Chapters to use. We’ve developed a new course for Chapter leaders, to help with recruitment, faculty support, and keeping members engaged. (The course will be available soon.) We’ve created an Event Sponsorship Q&A, to help you apply for funding through the Open School. And we’ve created a new Regional Leader position in Canada.

Make your work count this year, and be sure to submit your Chapter Progress Report by June 1.


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