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You do like online courses. Phew.

By IHI Open School | Thursday, March 26, 2015

The IHI Open School did a quick survey of our learners early this year. We wanted to learn more about your interests and preferences, to help guide the work we’ll do this year to create educational resources to suit your needs. We shared some of the results in earlier blog posts, on topics of interest and new course ideas. Today, we wanted to share our results on format.

The IHI Open School web site is full of educational resources about quality and safety — online courses, of course, but also video shorts, case studies, and games. We also try to keep you updated on new resources through social media, this blog, and our newsletter. And every now and then, we think we should try out a new format — such as a podcast. (Around the Open School pod, we were all addicted to Serial.)

So, we wanted to know: Which of these formats is most helpful to you, and which should we be doing more of? Here is a graph showing the results of the survey question (greater scores mean "more helpful"):


We were very happy to see that online courses came in the lead. That is, after all, what we spend most of our time creating and improving. The popularity of case studies made us brainstorm how we could create more of these. We’d love to work with you on them, especially based on your own experience in the field. Drop us a line at openschool(at)ihi.org if you have an idea for a case.

And let us know what you think of these results in the comments. We’d love to know why certain formats are valuable to you, and how you use them. Thanks for your feedback!

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