I-CAN Grant Summary and Learning Report

After two years of work, the IHI Open School has put together a summary report to harvest the learning, stories, and successes of the IHI Open School Change Agent Network. Read the report, Catalyzing IHI Open School Students as Agents of Change: Innovations to Educate and Activate the New Generation of Leaders in Health Care, here.

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The IHI Open School Change Agent Network (I-CAN) is a community of learners from diverse backgrounds, disciplines, and geographies who are committed to applying leadership and community organizing skills to improve health and health care in their local settings. ​


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In 2008, students took action to improve a broken health care system, building an online school  an Open School  that would provide quality and safety skills to student leaders and disrupt the traditional health education system.
Today, it's clear that our system is even more broken  our health care system does not create health. Lives are at stake, and change is coming too slowly. Even with the greatest medical science in the world, the next generation of health professionals will be powerless to help many of their patients because patients' problems originate outside the walls of clinics and hospitals.
The Open School community believes that together, we can lead this change once again. By becoming a part of the IHI Open School Change Agent Network, students, residents, faculty, and professionals working both inside and outside of health care are committing to making a difference in their clinics, organizations, campuses, and communities -- both individually and together.
We need a generation of health leaders with the will, knowledge, and skills to change our broken system. Will you join us? 
36,883 people are involved in I-CAN.
430 people have led a project through the I-CAN course.
Updated 05/10/16 
How will you improve the health of your community? Tweet @IHIOpenSchool with #ICANimprovehealth or share your pledge below.

Educate and engage in 
health with your Chapter through our I-CAN Activity Pages.

Learn to lead change in the Leadership and Organizing for Change course. The next offering begins September 2018.

Whatever your passion, share your pledge below and join hundreds of peers  students and health professionals within our growing I-CAN community. Here are some pledges from our community:

"I pledge to be healthier by walking to work."
"I pledge to expand my definition of health."
"I pledge to identify resources for my patients outside of our health care team."
"I pledge to write our mayor's office about revitalizing our local park."
"Our Chapter pledges to increase the number of volunteers at our local health clinic."
"I commit to educating my friends through social media about the social determinants of health."

Whether you are working alone, with peers, with an IHI Open School Chapter, or an entire community, our broken systems need your help.

What will you pledge to do to improve the health of your community?​ ​ ​ ​

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