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Over 400 students, residents, faculty, professionals, and practitioners of all disciplines have launched and led a health improvement project through the I-CAN course, Leadership and Organizing for Change.
Check out the map below to see the participating IHI Open School Chapter sites. You can also explore a list of I-CAN projects within the following topic areas:

I-CAN Project List:

Armstrong State University
Ryan Goetz, Trelanie Neville
We are organizing a quality improvement project to address socially determining factors such limited accessibility to transportation, time constraints, and so forth that could potentially prevent an underserved population from acquiring mammogram completion in a community- based medical home by November 2014.
Barking Havering and Redbridge University Trusts
Integrated Case Management for Complex Populations
Aicha Bouraoui
I am organizing a multidisciplinary team in Barking Havering and Redbridge University Trusts to develop proactive care in the form of integrated case management for patients with complex needs working in partnership with service users to facilitate access to high quality care and reducing the frequency of their unplanned admissions by 20% in next 6 months.
Bellin College
Improving Access to Care Among the Homeless
Mary Forbes & Kortney Marshall
We are organizing the IHI Open School Bellin College Chapter to help make a difference in the access to care of the homeless population in Green Bay, WI by going into shelters and pantries and giving out information and learning more about the situations these people are going through and what we can do to help because everyone deserves well-rounded health care and we know we can make a change in the cycle of not getting the care they need. This will be done by the end of Spring Semester.

Colombian Health Technology Assessment Institute
Dengue Fever Reduction
Jaime Hernan Rodriguez Moreno
I am organizing a team healthcare professionals as a doctors, nurses, ocupational health, students, and managers in health from IETS to decrease (10%) the number of Patient with Dengue. We´ll create strategies to translate knowledge to population. The strategies will be evidence based medicine, and evidence based public health, because financial and health outcomes have high impact on health system, this project will be developed during one year.
Emory University & Good Samaritan Health Clinic
Diabetes Care Improvement
Kristen Flint
We are organizing a team of medical, nursing, and business students and clinical staff at the Good Samaritan Health Clinic to increase the number of Patient Assistance Program applications filed by the clinic by 10% by educating providers about Patient Assistance Programs because we want to improve medication access for patients by the end of 2016.
Georgia Regents University
Access to Breast Cancer Screening
Jim Rawson
I am organizing the local medical community to provide access to 100 uninsured women for mammograms by October 31, 2016 because this will detect breast cancer earlier and increase survival.
Indiana University Purdue University - Indianapolis
Health Coaching and Emergency Department Utilization
Cody Mullen
I am organizing both patients and clinicians of rural hospitals in Indiana to reduce inpatient admissions and emergency department utilizations by 30% within 6 months of the patient (diabetic and/or congestive heart failure patients) being involved in this program by providing health coaching services because individuals with chronic conditions should be able to better manage their health outside of a healthcare facility and at home, this project will work over the next two and half years.
James Madison University
Community Health Fair
Emily Freeland & Mary Brooke Ramsey
We are organizing the JMU IHI chapter, JMU Nursing Student Association, Harrisonburg churches, and the Harrisonburg Community Health Center to reach people without health education and to connect them with health navigators to sign up for health insurance by a free community health clinic with basic health screenings, blood pressure readings, health education, and health insurance sign up in order to improve the health of the Harrisonburg community by the middle of June.

Portland State University/Oregon Health & Science University

High Cost
Cally Kamiya, Cassie Dictus, Emileigh Canales, Rebekah Bally
In order to improve patient-provider communication about unnecessary tests, treatments, and procedures, the PSU & OHSU IHI Open School Chapter is organizing with learners and provider to build capacity (4-7 leaders and clear snowflake structure) and to pilot a Choosing Wisely awareness campaign at PSU Student Health and Counseling Center (distribution of 5 Question cards and exposure to 5 Questions poster to 1000 students at point of care) by December 15, 2014.
State College of Florida
Improving Farmworker Health
Dr. Jean Davis
We are organizing farmworker health stakeholders to promote the health of farmworkers and their families through creative innovations by 2015 because farmworker health is the basis of world health.
State College of Florida
Kristin Tremmel
I am organizing an effort to train 5 individuals over the next 4 weeks to assist the homeless population and those at-risk of becoming homeless in applying or becoming recertified for the major government assistance programs such as Medicaid and food assistance because the current system is computer based and this population tends to lack both computer access and the skills to navigate this system on their own.
Tulane University
Eric Schultz
We are organizing medical and other health professions students to reduce uninsurance in patients visiting student-run clinics by surveying patient insurance status, and providing uninsured patients with referrals to enrollment assistance in order to improve their access to health care, by the end of the open enrollment period (February 2015).
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Improving Access to Health Information and Quality of Care
Sara Perez
I am organizing an activity that improves access to health-related information with the aim of improving the quality of life of patients and non-formal primary caregivers. Patient associations, the Universidad staff, students and other teachers, and medical staff must collaborate in intersectoral working sessions to gather information about the needs of the groups involved as well as their strengths and weaknesses. The estimated time of startup is estimated at 6 months.
University of British Columbia
Foot Soak Services at Union Gospel Mission Serving the Homeless Population in Vancouver
Cayli Hunt, Erin Kang, Laura Gall, Julie Wasson, Kristin Stovall, Maryam Koochek, Maura MacPhee, Ornella Marinic, Zachary Daly
We are organizing stakeholders in the Vancouver’s inner city to provide identified, needed foot care services for an under-served, marginalized population during nurse-run foot soak clinics at the Union Gospel Mission (UGM) by the end of May 2016.
University of New England
Access to Care and Person-Centered Care for the Homelessness
Caitlin Farrell
We are organizing the leaders of the healthcare for the homeless in Rhode Island to reduce the power inequities inherent in the relationship between providers and patients experiencing homelessness by creating, distributing, and utilizing a narrative health history form by Summer 2016.

University of South Carolina

Health Education
Courtney Schrock, Ernestine Dahn
We are organizing the communities of Richland County, South Carolina and partnering with local, professional leaders (nurse practitioner, gym owner, personal trainer, and public health educators and promoters) to establish an interdisciplinary initiative that incorporates free health screenings, nutrition, and physical activity to combat physical health and health literacy issues. We will redesign the way health information and health care is disseminated to the public and connect people with the appropriate health professionals by summer 2015.
University of South Carolina
Health Education
Jennifer Bailey, Joseph Galloway, Pooja Choudhari, Purva Choudhari, Sara Goldsby
We are organizing health professional students, health-related student organizations, and professionals to encourage volunteer participation at Healthy Columbia health screenings by using public narrative and relationship-building tactics in order to increase engagement by December 2014.
Wake Forest University
Access to Preventive Care
Angela Boey, Rasesh Joshi, Colleen Laurence, Dhrusti Patel, John Ramos
We are organizing medical and PA students to increase annual patient annual visit compliance at the DEAC clinic to 66% by June 2016, surveying patients, educating them on annual visit components, and designing interventions to address top barriers to care, because annual visits will improve population health and wellness in the Winston Salem community. 
Arizona Care Network and Phoenix Children’s Care Network
Pediatric Care
Lilia Parra-Roide
We are organizing community primary care practices to improve the care and health of the pediatric population within our interprofessional clinical integration network on a learning collaborative that will be ready to launch by September 2015.
Armed Forces Hospital, King Abdul-Aziz Air Base, Dhahran
Improving Efficiency and Safety of Medication Administration
Ahmed Mustafa
I am organizing clinical employees and directors of various departments to reduce the time between medication ordering and administration to 10 min for stat orders and 1 hour for routine medications orders by evaluating the hospital medications related education programs, starting electronic medication ordering system and measuring the intensive care unit medication errors related admission rate within one year.
Boston College
Quality of Care
Kathleen Costello, Kathy Gould
We are a group of students and faculty members in the Boston College Connell School of Nursing who are developing an educational model for interprofessional/ family decision making to help prepare students listen to patients and families, in order to best support them through difficult decisions at critical times of health and through decisions that affect life sustaining measures in order to introduce a new mindset for approaching patients during such trying times. 
Emory University
Car Seat Safety
Skye Beck
We are organizing Pediatric providers to implement Certified Car seat Technicians in Primary care Pediatric offices in Georgia to check car seats at well child visits in an effort to decrease the number of injuries and even the number one cause of death in Pediatrics ages 1-19 years old.
George Mason University
Social Media Strategies to Increase Awareness of Treatment Options for Insomnia
Dr. Meredith Cary
I’m organizing an interprofessional online communication learning community among health professions students and educators (a ‘Compete-2-Tweet-4-Insomnia’ counterinsurgency to the ‘Ask Your Doctor’ campaign) by developing a service-learning module that can be added to existing courses to share behavioral best practices (i.e., CBT-I) via posts on the Insomnia Hub and other social media to continually improve impact (e.g., # of Insomnia Hub members, Twitter followers) to ultimately increase consumer demand for CBT-I and decrease demand for over-prescribed sleeping pills (that hook millions in physical & psychological addiction), first by asking George Mason University professors and learners to contribute their public relations tips and social media skills to develop and promote the module at GMU by end of Fall 2015 semester.
Hamad Medical Corporation, AWH
Quality of Care
Muminat Zubair-Muhammed
I am organizing nurses towards the practice of healthcare improvement by providing effective and quality care to our patients  to achieve the organization's mission, vision and goal always.
Harvard University
Provider Behavior
Eva Luo
I am organizing Las Vegas Iora Health clinics to improve on management of an identified clinical outcome gap by employing organizing tactics that include outreach to patients and new operational clinical protocols to demonstrate the efficacy of the Iora model of primary care for further patient and physician recruitment in one month’s time.
Hope through Health, Kara, Togo
Maternal and Infant Health
Emily Bensen
I am organizing midwives and birth attendants in four health centers in northern Togo, to complete the WHO Safe Births Checklist for 85% of deliveries, by coaching and refresher training performed by a Clinical Mentor, because 300 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births in Togo is unacceptable, by Friday May 27th.
Hurley Medical Center
Incorporating Smoking Cessation into Clinical Care
I am organizing our hospital EMR team, unit nurses, admitting staff, and residents to increase the rate of asking the question of our patients: "Are you ready to quit smoking?" after being asked if they are a smoker. By changing the workflow (possible "hard stop") of the EMR and by training all of the clinicians and admitting staff, the goal is to have this asked 85% of the time by March 2016 vs. the 15% of time it is asked now.  Because 42% of our inpatients are smokers, we need to be more proactive in helping them quit smoking. Upon asking if patient is ready to quit, the clinician can then refer to quit smoking resources.
Imperial College London
HIV Testing
Eathar Shakweh
I am organizing A+E staff at Chelsea & Westminster hospital, London, UK, to offer HIV testing to all patients who present to their department by March 2016.
Institute de Efectividad Clínica y Sanitaria
Dolores Macchiavello
I am organizing doctors, nurses, local Indian residents, patient safety professionals, politicians and hospital authorities to unite and work to reduce infant mortality in Chaco, Argentina, because the number of deaths increases every year and the hospital participation in this area is low due to regional beliefs and this needs to change by 2016.
International Medical University, Malaysia
Quality of Medication Documentation
Supathiratheavy Rasiah, MD
We are organizing the staff of an elderly ward of a residential home, Victory Home, to ensure that proper documentation or charting of medications is provided to residents. We will accomplish this by providing an improved chart format and summary format, because currently, residents are often not aware of their medications when they review them with their primary care doctors. These changes will provide better information to patients’ doctors, leading to improved quality of care for patients and improved health outcomes. We hope to achieve an 80% success rate (no errors or gaps in the information summary sheet or reports) over a period of four months, and we are starting this work in June 2016.
Isra University
Hand Washing Hygiene
Matiur Rahman, MD
Organized  with the support of stakeholders of hospital hand washing practice to reduce hospital infection rate by training managers of medical, paramedical and administrative departments as well as front line workers to ensure that  patients are not  harmed because of the healthcare provided to them.
King Abdul-Aziz University Hospital
Hand Washing Hygiene in the Pediatric ICU
Mohammed Shahab Uddin, MD
I am organizing all the care providers of Pediatric ICU to comply with 100% Hand hygiene technique by following Pediatric ICU hand hygiene protocol as it will cut down 50%  rate of  gram negative sepsis in the unit by next 3 months.
King’s County Hospital Center
Substance Abuse Treatment
Jennifer Morrison-Diallo
I am organizing hospital leadership in CPEP, inpatient units, and chemical dependency to provide training to staff members about what K2 (AKA spice, synthetic marijuana) is, how it impacts psychiatric diagnoses, and how to understand problem behavior and treatment options by providing training and hands-on modeling of treatment approaches because there is a lack of understanding of the impact of K2 use on psychiatric diagnoses which result in an increase in problem behaviors in the community and hospital setting by December 1st.

Lutheran Medical Center
David Okuji, Nathalie Mohadjeri
We are organizing the Lutheran Medical Center faculty and dental-resident leaders to measure, through weekly reports, the number of their inter-professional interactions with members of other health care disciplines in order to increase inter-professional awareness, education, and collaboration with results compiled by 1/1/2015.
Near East University Hospital
Increasing Awareness of and Access to Cancer Screenings
Ulvan Ozad
I am organizing Near East University medical students for preparation of leaflets and distribution to 2000 people because population does not know enough about screening and cancer is diagnosed at late stages, by the end of November 2015.
St. Francis University
Quality of Care and Communication
Anita Johnson
I am organizing a provider, a nurse, and an administrator to develop an ISBAR communication strategy by redesigning how messages are received and delivered electronically.  The purpose of the initiative is to improve communication throughout the organization (Daughters of Charity of New Orleans) and increase patient safety.  The start date has been revised to November 14, 2014 with a goal of organizational-wide implementation by January 1, 2015.

Stonybrook University
Improved Screening & Vaccination Rates
Kimberly Noel, MD MPH
We are organizing the Stony Brook Family Medicine Department for re-accreditation as a Patient-Centered- Medical-Home to improve the vaccination rates of patients for influenza and pneumococcal disease as well as increase the percentage of patients screened for colorectal and breast cancer by introducing physician prompts to order these preventive services by 2018.
Trinity University - San Antonio
Improving Clinic Efficiency
Beatrice Interino, Dolapo Sokunbi, Mital Shah
We are organizing the medical students, dental students, and nursing students from the University of Texas Health Sciences Center along with the health care administration students from Trinity University to work together at the student-run Refugee Clinic in San Antonio to provide efficient and timely medical care to refugees in the area by improving patient flow and decreasing wait times through systemizing the patient flow procedures, creating a chart for everyone to reference, and decreasing wasted time talking with the attending physicians in order to get patients in and out of the Refugee Clinic in an efficient manner by the end of the semester.
Tulane University
Improving Care for Tuberculosis Patients
Amanda Breaux, Ayoyinka Shyllon, Nandish Sheth, Silmon Ghebreyesus
We are organizing the leaders of New Orleans Mission clinic to record the rates of patients returning to have their TB test results read to improve the safety of those in homeless shelters by May 2016.
Improving Clinic Efficiency
Alex Razavi, Ali Domney, Anya Patrusheva, Corinne Cundiff, Elvis Kuburhanwa
I am organizing New Orleans East, Louisiana Community Health Center to be able to shorten patient visit times by analyzing sections of current visits because there are lags causing two hour visits causing a decrease in patient care and exhaustion by physicians and students to be put into action within the next two months.
Improving Patient Satisfaction
Hannah Spungen, Olivia Ding, Ralph Baker
We are organizing the leaders at Grace House to commit to using a standardized patient satisfaction survey by communicating the importance of keeping track of data over time in order to understand the most significant factors contributing to patient satisfaction, as a first step towards improving these factors.
Improving Access to Psychiatric Care
Drew Toppin, Joanna Jao, John Stockton, Morgan Pfost
We are organizing students to improve psychiatric care for Grace House residents by gathering data regarding psychiatric history and need and implementing a system that can improve access to care because there is currently inadequate psychiatric care for residents – all of which we hope to accomplish by the end of April.
Improving Clinic Efficiency
Quinn Chernow, Riddhi Badamia, Robert Trevor Sherburne, Sydney Edmond
We are organizing the leaders and clinicians at Bridge House to reduce the amount of time spent on each patient by creating a standardized process for EMR data input.
Improving Dental Health
Riddhi Badamia
We organized a research project with Dental surgeons, Statisticians, Pharmacists and dental students to modify conventional chlorhexidine mouthwash that irritates oral soft mucosa by incorporating Essential Oils into the mouthwash preparation because it will be very beneficial to patients to avoid teeth extraction in order to maintain health gums and supporting oral tissues after periodontal treatment by June 2016.
Improving Management of A1C Levels for Diabetics
Kevin Kammel, Maggie Smythe, Megan Carroll, Ryan Hildebrand, Tyler Wright
I am organizing the Daughters of Charity clinics to increase the amount of patients with a hemoglobin A1c level below 8% by reducing variability in the way diabetic patients are treated because the percentage of patients achieving a hemoglobin A1c level below 8% is decreasing and we want to improve outcomes for our patients by May 1st, 2016.
Reducing Medication Errors
David Silver, Johnny Blanchard, Laura Flowers, Mayra Adriazola
We are organizing our “Quality Team” to decrease the amount of errors in prescription medication slips by improving the checkout in Luke’s House because our patients deserve to attain prescription medications hassle free. We hope to achieve this by the end of the semester.
Improving Referrals Process for Homeless Patients
Aderonke Obayomi, Hala Kershah, Jillian Waller, Julianne Giles, Mahir Khan
We are organizing Tulane students and clinic staff to implement a referral tracking program by sharing our identified goals with clinic staff and Healthcare for the Homeless staff because we want to make sure that all patients get referred and get the treatment and follow up if needed by the end of April.
Decreasing Tulane Urology Clinic Wait Times to Increase Patient Satisfaction
Abby Bray, Kristyn Richards, Jeremy Barr
We are organizing students and staff to decrease wait times in the Tulane Urology clinic to increase patient satisfaction and to increase the amount of patients being able to be seen, by creating an informational flyer to take home, and creating a new process where to registration clerk calls the patient 3 days before appointment to get their information in the system.
University College London
Cancer Screening
Cindy Lai
I am organising clinicians to improve awareness on common cancer symptoms to members of the community in Camden, London because by educating the public, we are empowering them to seek help earlier which in turn will lead to earlier diagnosis and better survival rates in 5 years
Improving Access to Mental Health Care
Iman Ahmedani
We are organizing students from UCL to increase psychological referrals to iCope (Camden primary care psychological service) for those with long-term conditions by fighting some of the barriers to seeking care we will identify in the first half of our project because mental health comorbidity is an unmet need in this group of patients and better management of mental health will result in better physical health and an improved quality of life, by June 2016.
University of Cambridge
Combating Antibiotic Resistance
Gabriel Lambert
I am organizing a group of multidisciplinary healthcare professionals to recruit a motivated team by advertising and interviewing a diverse range of interested individuals with the goal of producing a team capable of designing an evidence based intervention for schools to reduce antibiotic resistance by the end of the I-CAN training.
University of New England
Bone Marrow Registry
E. Maggie Jones
We are organizing interprofessional students interested in oncology to increase the quality of life of patients with cancer by 1) quality of life topic discussions (internal student education); 2) creating a facilitator packet of interprofessional discussion surrounding actual cancer patient stories (external education); and 3) hosting a Delete Blood Cancer bone marrow registry drive (external action) to directly impact the quality of life of patients with cancer by the end of the Fall 2014 academic semester.
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Increasing Quality and Efficiency of Lab Samples
Brandon Laffoon
We are organizing the employees at UPMC Passavant to try to work towards a 25% reduction in rejected/contaminated lab samples within 6 months.

University of São Paulo

Quality of Care
Guilherme Pereda, Marcos Moraes
We are organizing an Emergency Department Team at an Oncology Center to improve the patient time flow by enhancing leadership strategic team involvement because our patient deserves a better quality care environment and attention in a reasonable and safety time by July 2015.
University of South Carolina
Pediatric Care
Kelsey Hyman, Melissa Gilbreth, Elizabeth Kelly, Christina Carter
I am organizing with healthcare students from the University of South Carolina and local medical clinics.  We aim to educate and receive a signed pledge from 2000 expectant and new mothers of all ages and backgrounds by July 2015.  Our pledge is designed to promote the tummy time guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics and encourage parents to talk to their pediatrician in an effort to decrease plagiocephaly and torticollis.
Universiti Utara Malaysia
Improving Treatment of Dengue Fever
Mu’taman Jarrar
We are organizing the regional institute in UUM to train, educate and increase the awareness of healthcare providers and students by building the institute of population health in order to decrease the number of diagnosed cases of Dengue mosquitoes fever within three months.
University of Windsor
Near Miss Reporting
Ardela Zeqollari, Hannah Sweilem, Maria Caraig, Padma Ravi
We are organizing with leaders from faculty, year 3, year 4, BScN program to increase reporting of near-misses by three times the current number using the near-miss reporting tool, focused group meetings, year level presentations in order to increase awareness about such incidence and use them as a learning opportunity, enabling increase safety of care, accountability, self-awareness, and confidence and engage in just culture by November 1st, 2015.
Value Care Clinic, Colorado Springs
Integrating Behavioral Health into Primary Care
April Dobroth
We are organizing the medical staff of the Value Care Clinic to commit to implementing the integrated mental health model of care by building relationships around shared values in order to increase access to behavioral health services by June 15, 2016.
All Children's Hospital - Johns Hopkins
Asthma Health Education
Tracy West-Grubb
We are organizing a successful interdependent collaboration with the community and internal staff to achieve a shared purpose of improving health and education delivery for pediatric asthma patients by developing a population health model that will decrease hospital based encounters to reduce annual cost from 3.7 million to 2.5 million and also improve health care outcomes by June 2016.
Barts and the London School of Medicine
Volunteerism and Community Engagement
Juliet Berner
We are organising Barts medical students to be Health Ambassadors; we will promote health and wellbeing by delivering regular sports, art, music, reading and cookery sessions to groups in the local community. We aim to encourage current or potential patients to recognise the control they have over their wellbeing, and enable people to enjoy good health through interaction with future doctors.
Beijing United Family Hospital
Sexual Health Education
Frank Suen
I am organizing students from Beijing Polytechnic College, gynecologists from Beijing United Family Hospital and Coperate Social Responsibility Coordinator from Bayer Pharmaceuticals to educate at least 20% of the students at Beijing Polytechnic College of the uses, pros and cons of oral contraceptive pills by conducing health talks, providing free medical consultation and dispensing medication for free after physician’s prescription, because raising the use of oral contraceptive not only prevents unwanted pregnancy, but also gives girls greater autonomy over their sex lives. This project is supposed to finish by June 1st.
Bellin Health
Promoting Regular Physicals
Jesse Stukenberg, RN
I am organizing a network of Team Champions from local schools, businesses and non-profit groups to lead their team in a year-long peer to peer wellness journey starting with a Lifesaver Pledge to commit to receiving regular physicals because 46.7% of all deaths in the United States could have been avoided by simply getting a regular physical, according to the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease. The goal is to establish 200 new primary care relationships by December of 2015.
Healthy Behavior Change
Karla Brooks
We are organizing leaders and employees at workplaces in Northeast Wisconsin and U.P. Michigan to improve their health and wellbeing by participating in the 2016 Community Health Challenge because empowering leaders and peers to come together through teachings, sharing and doing by taking small, meaningful actions on a daily basis lead to daily wellbeing and positive long-term outcomes for both individuals and organizations over the course of the year-long program.
Joy in Work
Kendall Paral
I am organizing employees at Northeastern Wisconsin Technical College to increase their fun and happiness in the workplace by starting each meetings with an icebreaker activity because we believe that people will be more connected and productive by the start of the new year.
Binghamton University/Greater Binghamton Health Center
Suicide Prevention
Dr. Jennifer Berryman, Sarah Bridgman, Ann Marie White, Cassandra Bransford
We are organizing a Greater Binghamton Health Center – Binghamton University Suicide Prevention Partnership. This will be an IHI Open School Chapter and will have at least 50 members by March 1, 2015.
Binghamton University
Aliona Tsypes
I am organizing researchers, students, counselors, and faculty from Binghamton University and staff from Greater Binghamton Health Center to put together activities focused on suicide prevention in the area by holding regular team meetings, educating students, organizing events, and creating a suicide attempt survivor support group because suicide rates are high in this area, so the urgent challenge is to provide resources for people to learn more about suicide, its risk factors, ways of helping someone who is suicidal, and ways of coping with one’s own suicidality by May 2016.
Boston University
Wellness Activities
Michael Stratton
I am organizing fourth year medical students at Boston University School of Medicine, to improve their personal wellness and develop sustainable wellness habits, by sharing their daily wellness activities on a Facebook page (I will measure the percent of the class that posts). We will all be starting residency in a few months, which will be a very demanding time in our lives. Our training will challenge our personal wellness if we do not enter residency with sustainable wellness habits. We have the rare opportunity to develop our personal wellness during the "low key" last months of medical school. I hope to get 25% of the class to participate the first week and have 75% of the class participate by graduation May 18th.
Brock University
Drug Misuse
Cameron Leveille, Erica Bridge, Michelle Zahradnik
The Brock University Chapter of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Open School is organizing students, faculty and staff, and healthcare professionals to increase awareness and identification of non-medical stimulant prescription drug misuse among students by developing educational material to provide a better understanding of non-medical stimulant prescription drug misuse among the student population in order to prevent use by April 2015.
Brookwood Baptist Health
Diabetes Education
Sharon Hayes
I am organizing hospital-based personnel and persons in the community to develop diabetes education that is culturally diverse and tailored for different learning styles and can be used in the hospital setting as well as in community locations to educate persons with diabetes. This will be done by researching the population in this area using hospital and community data, analyzing the needs specific to population characteristics and then obtaining teaching information through literature research and other sources. We will then develop a program with these tools that is sustainable in the hospital setting and can be carried to the community. I am doing this because I want to increase awareness of diabetes and its possible consequences to patients and their families and friends. Additionally, I want to decrease the rate of hospital admissions related to this disease process. I plan to have an educational system operational within the hospital by August 2016. 
Christ Community Health Services
Sexual Education
Brian Blaugrund
I am organizing the Frayser community in Memphis, TN to decrease child poverty and teen births by 2015 through education about sexually transmitted infections, escape programs for sex workers, employment skill training for parents, safer sex and abstinence propaganda, accountability via peer-to-peer counseling, and distribution of barrier protection because the health of our youth is the wellness of our future.
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health Care
Substance Abuse Prevention
Jacqui Baker
I am organizing organizations working with and employers of 18-25 year olds to recruit
this age group for four focus groups of 6-10 members by bringing focus groups to the places where 18-25 year olds are already meeting as well as leveraging relationships already established with 18-25 year olds to invite them to these groups because we
would like to gather quality data on 18-25 year old substance use in the Upper Valley by December 15, 2015.

Emory University/ Good Samaritan Health Center
Diabetes Care
Byron Crowe
I am organizing graduate students from Emory and staff at the Good Samaritan Healthcare Center to improve management of diabetes by improving adhering to national guidelines and resolving gaps in care. We hope to make measurable change over the next 16 weeks, and continue to partner with the clinic long-term. By improving management of diabetes among low-income patients, we can decrease the emotional, physical and financial burden that this disease causes patients and play an important part in eliminating healthcare disparities.
Georgia Southern University
Diabetes Care
Alesha Wright
I am organizing with healthcare providers (i.e., registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and physicians), public health educators (i.e., certified diabetes educator), and community members diagnosed with diabetes in Chatham County, Georgia to improve healthy living and reduce diabetes-related complications by employing a diabetes self-management program at Good Samaritan Clinic because improvement in quality of life can reduce the number of emergency department visits by October 2015.
Imperial College London
Smoking Cessation
Kavita Aggarwal, MD
We aim to educate patients  about the effects of smoking in thyroid eye disease by distributing leaflets in outpatient clinics. We believe that patients should be empowered to make their own lifestyle choices and understand the negative effects on their health.
Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
Jonathan Brach
I am organizing friends and colleagues to convince 1,000 people through community organizing to pledge not to text and drive by May 14, 2015 in order to help end this dangerous practice and save lives.
Jody Anderson
We are organizing Live Algoma team members to administer and collect the Live Algoma survey and pledge to 800 community members who live and work in the Algoma School District boundaries by April 22, 2016.  We are doing this because this will help us to identify community member interests and intentions to improve one or more dimensions of their well-being.
Live Well Waco
Nutrition Education
Courtney Wollard
I am organizing Live Well Waco member agencies with expertise in fresh food access to provide educational nutritional workshops and cooking demonstrations to those residents living in an identified area of high chronic disease rates in order to improve their knowledge on cooking healthier culturally specific foods so that there will be an increase in consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables which will help to decrease high obesity rates for the community by 2020.
Lutheran Medical Center
Staci Robinson
We are organizing with San Ysidro Health Center pediatric dental residents, assistants, and clinic directors to increase parents’ awareness of their child’s BMI status by calculating BMI at each recall appointment, discussing the results with parents, and documenting the conversation in the electronic dental record in order to decrease rates of obesity in our patient population by January 2015. 
Monroe County Health Department, ACHIEVE Bloomington
Substance Use Prevention
Kathryn Hewett
We are organizing our coalition of community organizations to build capacity in substance abuse prevention by adding least 3 members/organizations with subject matter expertise by sharing community stories, needs and survey results during our Think Tank so that we can truly affect real change in health equity in this area by July 30, 2016. 
Childhood Obesity Prevention
Alison Miller
I am organizing ACHIEVE (Action Communities for Health Innovation and EnVironmental change), ALC (Active Living Coalition), and community partners to decrease childhood obesity in Monroe County. By unifying community partners, we will work together to determine a common goal in order to help influence a healthier generation. Implementation will begin August 2016. 
Northeast Wisconsin Technical College / BellinWellbeing Movement
Healthy Lifestyle Improvements
Heidi Gillis
I am organizing fitness leaders, SPTAs and older adults age 50 and older and co-workers to make healthy lifestyle improvements by eating fresh foods in proper portions and perform alternating variations of exercise daily by educated choices with small teams to motivate and keep participants on course. The small teams will help sustain an active and independent life.
Northwest Colorado Rx Task Force
Opioid Crisis Community Solutoins
Ken Davis, PA-CA
Organizing Northwest Colorado residents and Rx Task Force members committed to raising community awareness about opioids/heroin, substance abuse and mental health through events, relationships, social media, greater alignment and collaboration across sectors, by creating improved community standards, connecting residents to community resources, and supporting sustained recovery, because drug overdose deaths are rising significantly in our region and we believe all members of our community matter, such that by Dec. 2019 we will have reduced drug overdose death rates by 50%. 
ReThink Health
Substance Abuse Services
Aita Vonceil Romain
I am organizing Upper Valley substance misuse continuum of care providers to attend networking lunches by advertising and asking others to invite colleagues because knowledge of other people working in the field is the first step to working together and partnering on policies, practices and programs by December 15, 2015.
State College of Florida
Ola Hassan
I am organizing RNs, student nurses, dietitians and other healthcare professions to raise awareness and educate obese patients on effect of obesity on health especially diabetic and patients with high blood pressure problems; by one-to-one counselling and distributing written materials, by December 2015.
St. John Fisher College
Pharmacy Community Outreach
Catherine Felberbaum
I am organizing myself, faculty, employer, and fellow nursing and pharmacy students to create patient education opportunities and receive a high outcome including many patients attending and improved knowledge of disease states and medications by spreading the word of this opportunity at my retail pharmacy to patients I encounter because I want to improve patient education, adherence, and health outcomes of patients in the Rochester area by the Spring of 2015. 
Pharmacy Vaccinations
Lyla Tan
We are organizing the Operation Immunization team of the APhA chapter to increasing the number of people vaccinating on time. We will do this by producing informational materials (e.g. vaccination schedule calendars, pamphlets) about the pathology of the vaccine’s disease state and the importance of herd immunity. By doing this, we hope to cultivate increased compliance to the recommended immunization schedule by the Spring of 2015.
Pharmacy Community Outreach
Patrick McCabe
I am organizing with the pharmacy and nursing students of St. John Fisher College’s IHI Open School Chapter to increase health literacy of the community through a hands-on event for 7th graders at a local public school, because educating youths about health literacy is an important step to improving their future healthcare, by Nov. 24th 2014. 
Pharmacy Diabetes Education
Susie Yang
We are organizing 20 pharmacy and nursing school students to raise public awareness and understanding about diabetes by going local American Diabetes Walk, setting up educational tables for diabetes at Rochester Lilac Festival and local pharmacies in order to help people to maintain a better and healthier lifestyle, encourage more people adhere to their medications and effectively decrease medication non-adherence by 2016.
St. John’s Episcopal Hospital
Nutrition Education
Kevin Bang
We are organizing a nutrition seminar with Chamsarang Korean Methodist Church in Hempstead, NY to spread the knowledge of the importance of a healthy diet, and how simple changes can make great changes in their lives because diet related diseases are easily avoided with proper education to at least 100 people by the Summer of 2016.
State College of Florida
Brianna Trent, Steffany Pazmino
Our project goal is to educate the community about ways to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, and to help manage existing diabetics at a healthy glycemic level. As a small group of nurses, we will start with five diabetics. Upon completion of patient education out five diabetic populations will verbalize personal weight goals and personalized glycemic control by January 2015.
State College of Florida
Stress Management
Brandi Doyle, Nydia Pendlene
We are organizing a community project with the management, faculty and students from the RN-BSN program at State College of Florida (SCF). To provide education to the faculty and staff of SCF on how to obtain and use resources provided by the college to relieve and manage stress because SCF faculty identified stress management as a large area of concern. The team will undertake to achieve this by launching a four week campaign with the Wellness Coordinator at the college providing flyers and information with resources about sleep, exercise, work life balance and diet on how these can help with stress management and host a lunch and learn to provide the resources provided by the college, like the Employee Assistant program and the staff wellness program available for staff at the college by December of 2014.
Texas A&M College of Medicine, Baylor Scott & White Health
Access to Healthier Foods in Restaurants
Lianne Marks, MD, PhD
We are organizing the onehealthyoption.org project to disruptively change childhood nutrition in Williamson County by crowdsourcing a website to connect parents with local restaurants and empower parents to be able to influence nutritional options for their children in local restaurants to enhance their children’s overall health because current childhood nutritional options in restaurants are abysmal.  The goal is to ensure there is at least one healthy option on kid’s menus in 50% of Williamson County restaurants by the end of 2017.

Total Body Wellness Foundation, Asaba, Nigeria
Childhood Obesity Prevention
Ejike Emeka Emmanuel
I am organizing parents, doctors, and professionals to commit to children’s food intake and activity through wellness and dietary education and awareness to reduce child obesity by 50% by September 2016.

Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia
Health Literacy
Diana Rodriguez
We are organizing to improve Low Health Literacy, to improve knowledge of the population about their diseases, healthy styles of life, adherence to the treatment, to diminish unnecessary hospitalizations and costs by May 2015.
Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia
Juan Limo
We are organizing a team of highly motivated people and involved in improving Health in our patients with diabetes of Chronic Care Program to ensure that 90 % our diabetic patients are under metabolic control, engaged in their own care, having positive care experience by building capacity to develop a comprehensive and Interprofessional care that make possible our patients receive best care, strengthening our teamwork and getting patient and family involvement because we believe they will live more and function better if we will give a more effective and patient centered care, improving health literacy and activate them to actively participate in their own care by November 2015.
Universite de Lome
Cardiovascular Health
Kossivi Afanvi
I am organizing members of medicine department and of primary care clinics so that at least ninety (90) percent of the people at high risk of cardiovascular diseases (hypertension and diabetes patients) practice daily cardiovascular life-saving behaviors through the consumption of  five (05) fruits and vegetables, reduction of salt and alcohol consumption to respectively 2.5 grams and 20 grams, and increase in physical activities to 30 minutes every day because cardiovascular diseases (heart attacks and strokes) are afflicting too many people in the District by May 12th, 2015.
University of Dundee
Healthy Activity
Alice Willison
We are encouraging medical students at the University of Dundee to walk or cycle to university, by raising awareness of active travel through social media, online resources, events and information leaflets, by the end of May 2016.
University of London
Obesity Prevention
Safia Aktar
We are advocating BMI centile monitoring in overweight/obese children and increasing awareness on the risks of high (harmful) levels of sugar intake, to decrease the risk of childhood obesity because there must be local action to address preventable, non-communicable diseases in children by 6 months’ time
University of South Carolina
Health Education
Alexandra Nitsos
I am organizing healthcare professionals and students with an interest in serving Hispanic parents in South Carolina to educate and receive a signed pledge from 50 Hispanic parents and associated healthcare workers by April 2016 in an effort to increase developmental advances and decrease plagiocephaly, torticollis, and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) in Hispanic children. The pledge will promote the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines for tummy time in Spanish, encourage parents to talk to their pediatrician about tummy time, and commit healthcare workers to teaching tummy time to their clients. 
University of Toronto
Mental Health Education and Awareness
Bella Zhang
I am organizing my church leaders and community health workers to promote mental health education and awareness by social media, workshops, discussion groups and sermons within our church by Dec, 2016.
Arizona State University
Adult Obesity Reduction through City Planning
Dr. Mercedes M. Williams
I am organizing leaders in public health to assist in providing information and training programs to 80% of planning and zoning leaders, home builders and home owners associations including property managers in Douglas County through surveys in order to increase awareness about obesity and lack of resources on private property in order to achieve a 50% reduction rate in adult obesity by October 31, 2016.
Bellin College
Abbey Miller
We are organizing students and faculty at Bellin College as well as community members and healthcare providers to volunteer or donate to local homeless shelters, pantries, or donation centers within the next six months by signing a written pledge in effort to expand their knowledge of the social determinants of health including poverty, education, housing, and community safety. 

Bellin Health
Healthy Students
Pamela Miller
I am organizing the K-2 School District educators to implement a brain based classroom movement program to increase student achievement math and literacy scores, by developing the resource and training program with the district PhyEd lead for the 2016/2017 school year.

Colorado Health Institute
Community Asset Mapping to Address the Social Determinants of Health
Paige Backlund Jarquin
By April 15, 2016 I will organize a minimum of four students from the Colorado School of Public Health and the University of Colorado School of Medicine to perform community asset mapping for programs and resources addressing the social determinants of health equity (SDoHE) with primary care practices serving communities in a minimum of two unique State Innovation Model (SIM) service areas throughout Colorado.

Easter Seals
Housing Security & Financial Wellbeing
Jordan Hopkins
I am organizing Easter Seals and Freddie Mac to have at least 10 people (clients and employees) call our Freddie Mac partner and ask for more information by December of 2016 because we want to alleviate problems related to housing and financial management for Easter Seals’ clients and employees. 
Penn State University College of Medicine
Nutrition Prescriptions & Community Partnerships
Eric Jung
We are organizing Penn State health professions students and patients in Dauphin County to secure pledges from vendors willing to redeem produce prescriptions and engage insurers to support nutrition-based behavioral change through in-person meetings by June 2016 in an effort to advance the preventive care model, promote lifestyle change supports as an adjunct or alternative to medication-focused  interventions, and help stem the obesity epidemic.

ReThink Health
Margaret Brown
We are organizing a leadership group in Claremont, NH to reduce current high school dropout rate by 10%  by using public narrative, and community organizing techniques to develop shared agenda, and measurable goals to build motivation and will among leaders (natural and known) from across the community by June 2016.
University of Cincinnati
Mentoring Disadvantaged Youth
Esper Wadih
We are organizing University of Cincinnati health professions students and faculty to pair 100 mentors with children by pooling our resources and uniting with the CYC mentor program, because this will allow children to have more opportunities then they would otherwise by the end of February.
Universite d’Antananarivo
Addressing Environmental Factors and Behaviors to Improve Health
Njimafo Tiam Armand
I am organizing 2 physicians, 10 medical students, 2 administrative leaders, 7 community activators, 1 faith-based leader and 102 underprivileged families in the community of Andohamandry to engage 100% of those families, to adopt at least 2 key healthy behaviors related to the most challenging health issues they are facing by conducting 102 house meetings to raise their awareness on the relationship between their behaviors and their health outcomes because it will contribute to decrease the incidence of the most prevalent diseases among that vulnerable group of people and greatly improve their quality of life by May, 30th 2016.
University of Detroit Mercy
Violence Prevention
Stephanie Baiyasi
I am organizing Saginaw (and other) community leaders to meet in a large group by communicating via email in order to debrief and discuss what has happened since the January 23, 2013 SVSU meeting and the effect on community violence in order to plan to next steps to continue the decrease in violence by January 2016 (this is the intended date for the meeting).
University of Utrecht, the Netherlands
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
Liora Rodill
I am organizing a team of five masters students from different disciplines to improve efficiency, allocation of resources and promote collaboration in working on the SDG’s targets through openly available and easily accessible information by creating a platform set up optimally for international use, which provides structured information on the SDG targets per country because relevant information is fragmented, causing  inefficiency, suboptimal allocation of resources and difficulty in collaboration when working on the SDG’s. We want to have made a prototype and have a broad support base by the 3rd of May 2016.
Warwick Medical School
Refugee Aid
I am organising at least 100 members of Warwick Medical School to commit to helping refugees before 23rd November 2015 by setting up a society where we can plan and enact ideas for change – aiming to address the disconnect between the innocent people (many of them children) living on the streets who need our help – and there are thousands of people willing to help but who don’t know how.
Rivier College
Chris Sullivan
We are organizing undergraduate and graduate nursing students to become a local chapter interest group by coming together around the IHI vision for quality in health care to spread the vision for change and reach out to other nursing schools in the state to initiate an active New Hampshire state-wide Open School Chapter.
Portland State University/ Oregon Health & Science University
Miriam Martin
I am organizing fellow MSW/BSW/PHD students, staff, and administrators to connect with the already existing Open School Chapter of OHSU and PSU, and subsequent events and conversations available to all Social Work students for the reason that it fills a gap of the curriculum pertaining to systems work and a collaborative approach towards improving population health by Fall Term 2016. 
University of British Columbia
Kan Cheung, Melissa Wan
We are organizing students and QI stakeholders in Vancouver to participate in the Practicum Program at IHI UBC. We aim to engage 20 students and introduce the importance of QI in education, in order to integrate QI into the student curriculum by April 2016! We will be measuring this through the completion of the IHI Basic Certificate and/or the Q101, 102, and 103 courses.
University of Edinburgh
Max Ralston
I am organising with a group of engaged faculty members to re-start our IHI Chapter with 30 new members by the 19th of December, 2014, by reaching out to students that have previously done work in population health/quality improvement, engaging my peers in one-to-one conversations about our work, posting recruitment messages on intranet noticeboards, and engaging representatives of the nursing schools in the city because embedding these subjects in the culture requires the engagement of the next generation of healthcare professionals.
University of Phoenix
Pam Ballou-Nelson
My aim is the development of IHI chapter within the School of Nursing by January 2016.
Worcester State University
Karen Lajoie
I am organizing with WSU Chapter leaders to invite students from all fields of study to a Chapter networking event in January 2015, by sharing their stories and exploring mutual goals in population health improvement, to grow a supportive network for implementing population health improvements by February 2015.
Xavier University
Lisa Niehaus
I will organize an I-CAN Chapter by identifying student leaders and faculty leaders who will work together building a community of leaders to develop an I-CAN Chapter by May 2016.
Brock University
Student Mobilization
Sierra Barrett
We are organizing Open School Chapter leaders to participate in the International Pledge-A-Thon by creating a network in which participating Chapters extend a friendly challenge to other Chapters to encourage them to join the movement to improve the health of their community by November 15, 2015.
Portland State University/Oregon Health & Science University
Curriculum Integration
Kelsey Priest, Hannah Lobingier, Lauren Wessler, Lisa Miller
We are organizing ourselves, our faculty, and administrative champions to locally adapt the IHI Open School's Leadership and Organizing to Improve Population Health as an Interprofessional elective course available to all OHSU students by Fall Term 2016.
State College of Florida
Student Mobilization
Sarah Cloud
I am organizing State College of Florida baccalaureate nursing faculty and students to create the lessons and activities for a Community & Public Health Nursing Practice Experience that allows students to apply leadership and organizing skills to improve population health within their own communities by Spring semester, 2015.
Alberta Health Services, Edmonton Zone
Building Quality Improvement Capability
Lorraine Telford
I am organizing Primary Care and Chronic Disease Management staff and leaders to participate in a culture of improvement (all teams to identify gaps in performance and plan to address them ongoingly) by building on existing strengths in knowing and applying improvement approaches, and using expert knowledge from the P&E team because creating a culture of improvement helps our clients stay well and be more satisfied with their care, and increases job satisfaction by July 2016.

Aneurin Bevan Health

Mobilizing Junior Doctors
Sethina Watson
I am organizing junior doctors at a hospital in Wales to impact the lives of 5,000 people by doing several small I-CAN population health projects because improving the health of the population within our hospital region is necessary to make efficient use of scarce NHS resources.
Armstrong University
Population Health Education
Tyler Barnett
We are organizing Armstrong’s College of Health Professions to discuss the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration & understanding the effects of socioeconomic determinants of healthcare in order to best prepare ourselves to benefit our patients’ experience in our future careers by December 1st, 2015.

Boise State University
Adrienne Garlick, Ashlie Cathey, Caitlin Donesly, Desiree Howes, Heather Ball, Jason Kopke, Mark Siemon, Rachael Berman, Theresa Smith
We are organizing a team of Boise State nursing students to collect data about community members’ perceptions of their health needs, by conducting focus groups and surveys, and presenting our data and recommendations to the Community Health Advisory Board and Garden City Community Clinic, which will determine what solutions would best address those needs, by the end of April 2016.
King’s College London
Population Health Education
Martha Martin
I am organising London wide healthcare students and trainees to come together to meet each other and be inspired by speaker events to take action to improve healthcare delivery and population health. By the end of the academic year we will host three speaker events covering “The Future of the NHS” because in the current healthcare setting, it is vital that students and trainees mobilise to improve.
Kuwait University
Interprofessional Patient Safety Training
Manal Bouhaimed
We are organizing, in collaboration with the Deanship of Community Services and Continuous Education at Kuwait University, the first interprofessional program on “Patient Safety” for Healthcare students from the Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Allied Health and Nursing to improve their understanding of why errors happen in healthcare and to enhance an environment of “working to learn together” to create STAR change agents in Healthcare in Kuwait. The first group should complete this training by May 2016.
Oregon Health & Sciences University
Teaching the Triple Aim
Lynne Booth
We are organizing second year medical students to create and teach a curricular thread to first year medical students ending December 2015. The subject of the material is structural competency, which aims to improve critical thinking about health care culture, empower students to become advocates for their patients’ needs outside of the clinic, and improve population health by facilitating an understanding of the structures and institutions that contribute to health outside of the conventional biomedical model of medicine.
Providence Health
Population Health Education
Sandy Gregg
I am organizing leaders from Providence's population health, clinical and community partnership divisions to collaborate on the development and implementation of health professional education by December 2016.
Samuel Merritt University
Community Health Program Development
Michael Negrete, PharmD
I am organizing the leadership of the Allen Temple Baptist Church Health Ministry to adopt a new approach for the design and execution of their community health programs that leverages principles of population health and improvement science by facilitating their application of this new approach on their signature community event (annual health fair), because their minds, hearts and spirits want to know that they are having a positive impact in their community, and how their impact can be further enhanced, by the time logistical planning begins in earnest this May.
University of South Carolina
Triple Aim Education
Lois Garba
Organizing students in various professional programs at the University of South Carolina to get increased understanding of the obstacles to optimal health and the role that they can play in their fields to reduce those obstacles.