​The IHI Open School Change Agent Network (I-CAN) combines
proven organizing and leadership practices, subject matter
knowledge from experts in the field, and IHI's expert knowledge
of improvement science to make meaningful changes arouICAN Model.pngnd the world. 

By combining a unique educational experience with learners’ leadership and knowledge of their local settings, we believe we can make strides to improve health and health care globally.
At the heart of I-CAN is an interprofessional project-based learning program aimed to support, coach, and train students as they organize around the challenge of improving population health.
I-CAN strives to:
  • Increase learners’ knowledge and skills in leadership, community organizing, population health, and improvement science
  • Help learners see how an interprofessional approach can create alternative pathways to improvement
  • Facilitate learner-initiated health improvement projects in communities around the world
  • Activate a broad learning network of change agents

Read the I-CAN Learning Report

Rx Learning Report.pngA Program, a Platform, and a Movement for Change 
In 2014, the Rx Foundation provided a two-year grant to enable the IHI Open School to organize and mobilize health professional students to make population health improvements in their local settings. Over the course of two years, the IHI Open School Change Agent Network (I-CAN) was developed and over 30,000 students, residents, faculty, and health professionals engaged in work to improve population health - and this network of change agents continues to grow today.

The IHI Open School has produced a summary report, Catalyzing IHI Open School Students as Agents of Change: Innovations to Educate and Activate the New Generations of Leaders in Health Care, to harvest the learning, activities, stories, and successes of I-CAN. Read it here and learn more about our vision and strategy for change.