New Open School Course from the Dental Quality Alliance (DQA)

​​​​​​Are you a dental professional looking to improve anything about your practice? A cultural shift is taking place in dentistry, which is putting greater emphasis on measurement — not for judgment, but for improvement.DQAlandingpage.png

In this unique Open School online course — the first of its kind exclusively for dental professionals, developed in close partnership with the Dental Quality Alliance (DQA)​ — you’ll learn how to use quantitative and qualitative feedback to evaluate the quality of services in your practice, both clinical and operational, and use that feedback to drive toward meaningful change for you and your patients. ​

Through a series of five short lessons, you’ll learn how to use the Model for Improvement to improve everything from your clinic’s sealant rates to you own tennis game. Because, as you’ll learn, the basic steps for any improvement project are the same: Set an aim, select measures, develop ideas for changes, and test changes using Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycles.

When you’re ready to begin learning the basic steps of quality improvement, enter the course here:

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