IHI Open School Patient Safety Curriculum

​​​​​​​​​​The IHI Open School’s updated Patient Safety Curriculum is packed with new multimedia and the latest thinking in the field, in a mobile-friendly format.

In addition to essential learning about foundational concepts like human factors science, risk mitigation, and teamwork, the revised curriculum now includes: 

  • 50+ new videos from leading experts. Don Berwick, Bob Wachter, Lucian Leape, Tejal Gandhi, Patricia McGaffigan, and other industry leaders share their wisdom.
  • 40+ downloadable tools and resources. Worksheets, checklists, and instructional guides help learners apply their knowledge.
  • 200-level modules. New upper-level courses provide recommendations for current and aspiring health care leaders to drive toward total systems safety.

Look for these revised courses in the IHI Open School online course catal​og​​.​​​

IHI Open School Patient Safety Curriculum​
10 credit hours for physicians, nurses, and pharmacists ​​​
PS 101: Introduction to Patient Safety​
  • Lesson 1: Understanding Adverse Events and Patient Safety
  • Lesson 2: Your Role in a Culture of Safety
  • Lesson 3: Your Role in Building Safer, More Reliable Systems
PS 102: From Error to Harm
  • Lesson 1: The Swiss Cheese Model
  • Lesson 2: Understanding Unsafe Acts
  • Lesson 3: A Closer Look at Harm
PS 103: Human Factors and Safety
  • Lesson 1: Understanding the Science of Human Factors
  • Lesson 2: Design Principles to Reduce Human Error
  • Lesson 3: The Risks and Rewards of Technology
PS 104: Teamwork and Communication
  • Lesson 1: Fundamentals of Teamwork and Communication
  • Lesson 2: Tools and Techniques for Effective Communication
  • Lesson 3: Safety During Transitions Across the Continuum of Care
PS 105: Responding to Adverse Events
  • Lesson 1: Responding to an Adverse Event: A Step-by-Step Approach
  • Lesson 2: Communication, Apology, and Resolution
  • Lesson 3: The Impact of Adverse Events on Caregivers: The Second Victim
PS 201: Root Cause Analyses and Actions
  • Lesson 1: Preparing for Root Cause Analyses and Actions
  • Lesson 2: Conducting Root Cause Analyses
  • Lesson 3: Actions to Build Safer Systems

PS 202: Achieving Total Systems Safety

  • Lesson 1: Eight Recommendations for Total Systems Safety
  • Lesson 2: Supporting the Health Care Workforce
  • Lesson 3: Partnering with Patients and Families
PS 203: Pursuing Professional Accountability and a Just Culture
  • Lesson 1: A Just Culture Case Study
  • Lesson 2: Building a Culture of Safety
  • Lesson 3: Understanding and Improving Organizational Culture