"Made to Stick" Chapter Materials


 ​Have you ever wondered why a rumor spreads like wildfire, but the date of your next IHI Open School Chapter meeting seems to fall on deaf ears? In their book Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Other Die, Chip and Dan Heath explore questions like this through a series of interesting anecdotes, and show you how to make your message “stickier” using common traits of successful messages. 

In February 2013, Dan offered his expertise to the IHI Open School Community by meeting with Chapter Leaders and members of the IHI Open School team to make the IHI Open School’s message “stickier.” 

In the video below, Dan explains how to make  all of your communications more effective and memorable by using the following key components of effective messaging:

  • Develop a core action
  • Find your audience's motivation
  • Use concrete examples and stories
  • Earn your audience's attention


Together, as Dan mentioned, we created a few tools to help you spread the word to your colleagues about the important work that you're doing.

PowerPoint Slides and Presentation Video

Download the overview PowerPoint presentation to use at your next information session or classroom presentation. These slides are designed to give an overview of the IHI Open School -- and there's room left to add specific information about your Chapter. We've also provided a transcript and a sample video for you to help you deliver the presentation. Submit your own elevator pitch to openschool@ihi.org.
Overview Presentation Pic.png 

Recruitment E-mail

Subject line: What you're not learning in school could kill a patient
Despite the best intentions and hard work of health care professionals, the health care system is a dangerous place. In the next hour, 11 more people will die from medical errors in the United States. (In fact, more patients will die from medical errors this year than died in the last four major American wars, including Vietnam.) But, there's hope ...
The IHI Open School and its growing network of 150,000 students and professionals give you the skills to recognize system errors, solve problems, and improve patient safety. You'll have the knowledge and confidence to come up with solutions to the issues you see every day.
Your traditional education teaches you how to be a great [doctor] in the health care system. The IHI Open School will help you improve the system.
Join our next meeting on [Tuesday at 6 p.m. in University Hall].  

Elevator Pitch

Download here.

Being a part of health care is great, isn't it? We're so lucky that we get to do this work. It's really the most rewarding profession. But did you know that more than 180,000 people die every year in this country as the result of preventable medical errors? That’s the equivalent of 20 passenger jets crashing every week.  

Health care professionals are talented people, and they all hope to provide the best care they can for their patients, but they’re not perfect. However, a good system and the correct approach can help make up for human imperfections. Medical errors are more of a systems problem than a people problem.   

Fortunately, there's this thing called the IHI Open School that helps you identify -- and fix -- some of these system errors that happen every day in health care. Things like implementing computerized order checking to prevent medication errors, encouraging rigorous adherence to hand-hygiene, and using simple checklists to save patients from deadly infections.   

This movement, the Open School, helps us confront these real world issues. We can all feel more confident in our careers. And if we do ever make -- or see -- a mistake, we'll be better prepared to handle it.   

We all want to improve the system, and this is a way to get ahead of the curve. Will you join us?
Don't forget to check out additional IHI Open School Chapter recruitment materials on the site.
A special thanks to Dan Heath for donating his time, energy, expertise, and enthusiasm to the creation of these materials. 
Heartfelt thanks to desinger Justin Gammon for helping make the PowerPoint Presentation “stick.” 
These materials were the result of the combined efforts of these experts, the IHI Open School team and IHI Open School members Colleen McCormick,
Arthika Chandramohan, Marisa Dowling, Pierre Elias, Ross Hilliard, Chris Hoedt, Shawn Marie, Valerie Pracilio, and Margaret Saari.