Check out the Brand Standards for Open School Chapters, which include guidelines to create your Chapter visual lockups and templates to use to promote your Chapter.​

Chapter Resource Library


Whether you are a new Chapter in search of leadership structures or recruitment strategies, or a seasoned Chapter looking for project ideas or advice on leadership transitions and long-term sustainability, these meaningful resources are the go-to tools for your Chapter needs.

Chapter Toolbox

Leading Your Chapter

  • Review the IHI Open School Chapter Leader Toolkit, which has detailed suggestions regarding Chapter leadership structure, recruitment, engagement, planning and hosting events, finances and fundraising, succession planning, and more. The toolkit is also available in:
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Take our free overview course (available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese), OS 101: Introduction to the IHI Open School: Join the Movement to Improve Health and Health Care, and hear how other Chapters are leading work in their local settings. This is a great requirement to add to the onboarding process for all new Chapter members!

Getting Started: Recruitment and Marketing

Learn and Teach Quality Improvement (QI)

Project Work