IHI Statement on Reproductive Justice

September 1, 2022

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) aims for a future in which every person has the best care and health possible by improving the safety, quality, equity, and resilience of health care. The United States Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization and the anti-choice laws taking effect in the wake of that decision threaten the health and safety of women, infants, and families. The impact of this ruling exacerbates health inequities that affect Black, Brown, poor, and all people in rural areas by restricting access to essential reproductive care including abortion. People who rely on certain medications that, in some instances can end a pregnancy, may be denied them even if the person isn’t pregnant. And our health care workforce, already stretched by the COVID-19 pandemic and significant turnover, is now further burdened by confusion, threats to personal safety, and the fear of criminal prosecution.

Women’s health is health. Reproductive health is health. Both are universal priorities, and damage done to both will echo for generations. Protecting reproductive, maternal, and infant health is among the most vital things we do to achieve our mission of improving health and health care. Reproductive choice, specifically access to safe and legal abortion, is an intrinsic component of safe, effective, and equitable health care. Our commitment to this work is unwavering.

In July, IHI joined the Reproductive Care Coalition convened by the American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) and Doctors for America. We encourage you to do the same. We are also working to ensure that our own staff’s privacy is protected and that our staff’s choices and health decisions are respected no matter where they live. As we navigate our uncertain future, IHI will seek further opportunities to help women and people who birth get the care, attention, and help that they need.

Fear and hesitation to seek necessary care threaten the health and well-being of everyone. IHI stands with those who share our commitment to safeguard lives and improve the safety, quality, and equity of reproductive health services. We will continue to use the science of improvement to empower people to make the best health and care decisions for themselves and their families.

In good health,

Kedar Mate headshot

Kedar Mate, MD
President and CEO
Institute for Healthcare Improvement​