Statement from IHI: IHI Speaks Out on Domestic Terrorism

​January 9, 2021​​

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) adds its voice to the millions around the world in condemning the violent attack on the US Capitol this week. The assault on both the symbols and actual mechanisms of American democracy was all the more disturbing and disheartening as it was incited and carried out by American leaders and American citizens. Hatred, racism, and conspiratorial views of the world have threatened our civic society for centuries. But the accelerant for this week’s violence was a deliberate, coordinated disinformation campaign — the denial and resentment of truth. IHI is more committed than ever to science, facts, and truthfulness.

Partic​ularly painful was the fact that the tragedy in Washington, DC, was yet another searing example of the inequities that plague our nation. The sight of a Confederate flag, white supremacists, and neo-Nazis in the rotunda of the US Capitol, without swift immediate action from authorities was — for all of us, but especially for millions of Black, Brown, Indigenous, and Jewish peoples — a deeply wounding and renewed trauma.

The past 12 months have reminded us again, and again, and again that racism is a clear and present threat to our individual, community,​ and national health. ​As an organization dedicated to improving the quality of health and care, IHI will not rest until everyone understands that there can be no quality without equity.

In good health,
Kedar Mate headshot
Kedar Mate, MD
President and CEO
Institute for Healthcare Improvement