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​IHI Extranet

Looking for the Extranet? It is accessible in two ways:

1) Direct link:

2) Log in to and go to My IHI: 

Click on My Workspace (in left nav).

In the section titled My Workspace Projects, click on "Manage My Projects."


See more information in the FAQs section.

Get the Most Out of

We invite you to be a part of a global community dedicated to improving health care for all patients. is a free, content-rich resource for health care improvement.


Personalize Your Experience

Registering with is free and allows you to personalize your website experience. Many site activities require users to register with and log in to the site, for example, to:
  • Download content
  • Rate and comment on content
  • Share your tools and other content with users
  • Create public or private user communities
  • Participate in discussion groups and post to wikis and blogs
  • Connect with peers and experts from around the world using the Find a Colleague feature and manage your connections
  • Seek a mentor or become one to a student in the health professions using the Find a Mentor feature and manage those connections 
  • Be alerted to new content, site features, and learning opportunities based on your interests through RSS feeds and email updates
  • Use Improvement Tracker to document improvement projects, collect data on key measures, and keep track of changes over time
  • Use the FMEA and Trigger Tool for Measuring ADEs interactive tools


As a registered user, My IHI is your dashboard for
  • Update your profile information and photo
  • Manage your preferences for IHI email services
  • Opt in (or out) of Find a Mentor and Find a Colleague, and manage your connections
  • Use My Offerings to manage your IHI enrollments, certificates of attendance and continuing education credits, and access program materials
  • Keep track of your Workspace projects for Improvement Tracker, and the FMEA and Trigger Tool interactive tools




To help you with your improvement efforts, the Knowledge Center offers tools, change ideas, measures, IHI white papers, audio and video, improvement stories, and more resources on a wide variety of topics.
  • Browse the entire Knowledge Center collection, or use the My Filters feature to refine your content search by content type, topic, or care setting. 


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Use Explore by Interest to delve more deeply into the content on in multiple ways: by Topic, Care Setting, Role or Profession, or IHI Offering. Content is gathered from across the site to present a more comprehensive view of available resources:

  • Knowledge Center: Tools, change ideas, measures, audio and video, and other resources to help you make improvements in a specific area
  • IHI Offerings: Training and learning opportunities that support your improvement efforts
  • User Communities: Discussion groups, wikis, blogs, and other resources that are shared among a connected group of users around a specific topic


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Whether you’re looking for new ideas, want to get results in a particular area, or are ready to take your organization to a new level of performance, IHI has an offering to help you. IHI also offers a wide range of customized services.
This section also features access to free virtual programs such as On Demand trainings, IHI Open School online courses, and more.

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User Communities

The User Communities section is under active development, and new features such as public and private groups, blogs, wikis, and discussion boards will soon be available.
Several tools are already available to support your improvement work and enable you to connect with others around the world who are also engaged in improving health and health care.
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Find a Mentor

The Find a Mentor tool matches students with practicing health care professionals, who are making a difference in the next generation of health care by sharing their expertise.
  • Students enter search criteria and get a list of registered users who match the criteria, and then send a message through to invite users to consider their mentor requests.
  • Mentors have the option to accept or decline requests from prospective student mentees.
  • Mentorship can take on many different forms — whether that’s one-time career advice or monthly improvement project coaching — and that’s open for mentors and students to decide what is most appropriate.
  • Use My Mentors and Mentees (in My IHI) to track your connections.
To use Find a Mentor, you must opt in for this feature in My IHI (select Edit My Profile and click the Personalization tab).
Go to Find a Mentor >> (please log in)

Find a Colleague

Find a Colleague enables you to search for and connect with users from around the world who are working in similar organizations or in similar areas of interest.
  • Contact colleagues by email through and invite them to join your personal network.
  • Track requests from people who want to connect with you in the My Colleagues section of My IHI.
To use Find a Colleague, you must opt in for this feature in My IHI (select Edit My Profile and click the Personalization tab). 
Go to Find a Colleague >> (please log in)