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Who Should Join the IHI Joy in Work Learning Network

​​​​​​The ​Joy in Work Results-Oriented Learning Network is intended for health care professionals who are looking to boost joy in work, increase staff engagement and productivity, and improve overall quality of care and experience for staff and patients. It is dedicated to organizations willing to learn, test, and implement at-scale strategies to drive meaningful and measurable progress to improve the joy of their workforce.

We welcome organizations that believe that by sharing and learning with one another and partnering with patients, workforces, and communities can help us individually and collectively improve joy for the health care workforce. In other words, organizations that:

  • Have commitments from the highest levels of organizational leadership that prioritizing joy and the well-being of their workforce is of strategic importance
  • Are willing to share generously and commit the time and resources required to meaningfully engage in developing, testing, implementing, and measuring efforts to improve joy
  • ​Are fully committed to moving from talking to doing, from aspiring to achieving​

Expectations of Participating Teams

The following are requested from organizations interested in joining the Creating Joy in Work results-oriented learning network:

  • A written letter of support from senior leadership;
  • Identified participants from each organization  ​at least three (one senior leader for participation in a steering committee; one core leader or unit-level manager; and one frontline clinician);
  • Assess your readiness to participate around improvement infrastructure, leadership behaviors, and workforce safety;​
  • At least two of the three participants attend all results-oriented learning network meetings over an 18-month period, including regular team coaching, monthly virtual all-team calls, and four in-person workshops with other participating health care organizations;
  • Monthly data submission on changes tested, learning, process data, and outcomes data (and willingness to have ad-hoc evaluation discussions with an IHI representative);
  • Willingness to share learning, challenges, and data transparently; and
  • Openness to contribute thought leadership or coach other teams in future phases of work that may be developed based on the results of this initiative.

Join Us!

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