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IHI’s most intensive front-line improvement work happens in Collaboratives, programs designed for organizations committed to achieving sustainable change within a specific topic area. 

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This IHI Triple Aim Improvement Community is now completed (it ran from September 2013 through June 2014).
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The IHI Triple Aim framework – the simultaneous pursuit of better care for individuals, better health for populations, and lower per capita costs – has become increasingly central to discussions of health care improvement. It is now bedrock for several new national policy initiatives, and has become the organizing principle for a new health care world based on delivering value.
The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) originated the Triple Aim framework and has piloted its development with leading systems development with leading systems, clinicians, grass roots organizations, and communities around the world, showing how ambitious organizations can get the results they are seeking in all three dimensions.
Starting September 16, 2013, IHI will convene a collaborative learning community to pursue results for designated populations, and for key health issues across geographic communities. We invite you to join us.

Download the prospectus to learn more about this opportunity.

Listen to the May 2013 Informational Call
To learn more about this IHI Triple Aim work and how you can get involved, we invite you to listen to a recording of the May 2013 informational call.


This collaborative will focus on getting results in all three dimensions of the IHI Triple Aim over 10 months. For example:
  • Better health, care, and cost for targeted population segments and the ability to "fund" the work out of cost savings
  • Better health for geographically defined population segments without sacrificing care experience or cost, while establishing sustainable regional funding​ 

The Learning Model

Based on IHI’s expertise in convening vibrant learning communities, activities will include:​
  • ​Guidance from expert faculty on setting up a robust strategy based on the IHI Triple Aim and a portfolio of projects focused on a population (example populations include: medically and socially complex, elderly, children, employees, and chronically ill)​

  • Content such as models of care for key population segments; measurement strategies; testing, implementation, and scale-up; asset-based strategies for community engagement; and activation​

  • A network for senior leaders to build strategic momentum and to ensure effective execution​

  • Coaching to support simultaneous execution of multiple projects working toward the three dimensions of the IHI Triple Aim

  • Face-to-face learning sessions, WebEx calls, and Extranet support

 This opportunity is intended for: 
  • ​Integrated delivery systems considering accountable care organization or other new payment models

  • Primary care or multispecialty physician groups

  • Safety net health care systems facing rising demands and flat budgets

  • Private or publicly funded health plans committed to improving value

  • Organizations embarking on population-focused innovative designs​

  • Private or public employers seeking better health and value for employees​

  • Regional coalitions working to ensure access for all while controlling costs​

  • Public health departments or social agencies focused on populations with complex health issues 

  • Integrated systems of health delivery and financing operating anywhere in the world​


If you’d like to set up a conversation with one of our Triple Aim experts to talk about this opportunity, please contact tripleaim@ihi.org.