Engage with IHI

​For more than 30 years, IHI has been committed to helping grow and sustain a movement to improve health and health care for all. Working with the global IHI community, we motivate and build the will for change, identify and test innovative models of care, and ensure the broadest possible adoption of proven practices that improve individual and population health.

To accomplish this important work, we cannot – and do not – work alone. IHI engages willing partners through rich collaborative improvement, key initiatives, strategic partnerships, fellowship and membership programs, and services designed to meet the unique needs of those with whom we work.

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IHI’s most intensive front-line improvement work happens in Collaboratives. These programs (usually at least nine months long) are designed for organizations committed to achieving significant and sustainable improvement on a specific topic. Through shared learning (both in-person and virtual), teams from a variety of organizations work with each other and IHI faculty to rapidly test and implement changes that lead to lasting improvement.

IHI initiatives are typically large in scale — months or years in duration, engaging diverse teams from across the health care community and the world to work collaboratively on a broad array of topics. These initiatives set ambitious improvement goals, test innovations, spread best practices, and focus on achieving system-wide transformation.

Strategic Partnerships
IHI engages deeply with a select group of large organizations around the world to achieve transformative system-wide aims. These organizations, known as Strategic Partners, share IHI’s mission to improve health and health care, and are in a position to make a substantial impact for patients and populations. With our Strategic Partners, we build improvement capability, innovate and test ideas, and form a community that works together to advance our mission globally.

Industry Partnerships
IHI welcomes the many voices from across the health care continuum and seeks to engage health care industry partners, associations, foundations, and others in our work to improve health and health care. We believe that broad collaboration and diverse perspectives are essential to achieving true progress.

Membership Programs
IHI’s membership programs offer support and advice from peers and expert faculty. Supports include in-depth training, tools, and expert resources. These cost-effective programs are designed to help you get where you want to go on your health care improvement journey. 

Fellowship Programs
The IHI Fellowship Program is a year-long immersion program for mid-career health professionals. Fellows spend a year at IHI’s office in Boston​, Massachusetts, and then return to their home organizations to lead transformative change. The program aims to develop health care leaders with the skills and experience to spread improvement, and to build capability within health care organizations to reach dramatically higher levels of performance.
Customized IHI Services
IHI works closely with a variety of customers – individual health care facilities, entire health care systems, and governments – to understand their needs and objectives, and design customized services to meet those goals. We offer a wide range of services, including assessments, support for improvement initiatives, expert guidance in building improvement capability, programs customized for specific needs and cultures, and strategic partnerships.​