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Project Fives Alive! is funded through a grant provided by

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Improvement Areas

Project Fives Alive! aims to reduce mortality in infants and children under five by 66 percent across Ghana by 2015. In order to make improvements of this magnitude, IHI experts have built the work around five key improvement areas.



Five Key Improvement Areas

  1. Use systems improvement methods to test, apply, and spread changes that will improve child health and decrease the impact of the most destructive diseases and conditions for infants and children under the age of five (malaria, neonatal diseases, malnutrition, pneumonia, and diarrhea).
  2. Increase the access and utilization of high-quality health care services in existing health care systems and in local communities.
  3. Improve the systems that are essential to supporting care: financing, human resources, information, clinical guidelines, and health sector partnerships.
  4. Improve the capacity of national, regional, and district health care workers from all levels of care, within all systems of care, to continually improve the reliability, quality, continuity, and safety of under-five care in Ghana.
  5. Disseminate effective models of care on a large scale throughout Ghana, other nations, and other faith-based systems.