Learning Network

In the IHI Pursuing Equity Learning Network, a large network of teams from across the nation will come together to learn the tools, build and practice the skills, and obtain a deep understanding of equity and racial justice to bring back to their organizations and communities, including:

  • Understanding and acknowledging their organization's racial justice history within the US context; 
  • Exploring the current state of their organization's data with an equity lens;
  • Identifying inequities in their system and ways to improve them; and  
  • Beginning a practice of being in deep relationship with one another.  

These foundations will be built within regular learning- and discussion-based calls, as well as suggested activities to help bring concepts to life. Participating teams will feel the benefit of a large group to network with, as well as opportunities for discussion, problem-solving, and relationship-building in small cohorts. To learn more about each activity, download the request for application document.

Expected Outcomes for Participating Teams 

The Learning Network is designed to help participating teams build the infrastructure to advance equity across their systems and move toward improved results for clinical equity areas of their choice. While 18 months may not be enough time to produce dramatic equity-related changes across the systems, we anticipate Learning Network teams will achieve progress on the milestones listed below. Specific progress on these milestones will differ across the Learning Network depending on where an organization is on their equity journey and their active participation in the work.  
  • Develop a deeper understanding of and ability to acknowledge their organization’s history related to racial justice 
  • Increase fluency for identifying structural equity issues across their organization
  • Develop capacity and capability to apply an equity lens to their organization’s data to better understand the current state and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Identify one or more clinical areas with inequitable outcomes to focus their work
  • Develop key aims to advance improvements in inequitable outcomes in a specific clinical area
  • Identify a set (or portfolio) of projects to support equity-focused improvements in a specific clinical area

Expectations and Who Should Participate

Learning Network teams should comprise 3 to 7 individuals from your organization who are ready to improve equity and racial justice and commit to dismantling white supremacy culture. We recommend that your team includes representation of a lens on data, quality improvement, equity, and patient-facing care.

We expect teams in the Learning Network will commit to the following:

  • Prioritize their attendance at Learning Network calls;
  • Advance their understanding of and action to remediate racial inequities at multiple levels, from structural to personally-mediated, and commit to naming and addressing racism explicitly;
  • Share learning transparently with others and formally reflect on their progress, challenges, and learning on a quarterly basis; and
  • Demonstrate full leadership support of their efforts and time commitment via a written letter of support from the CEO and throughout their engagement in the Learning Network.

To Apply

To apply, fill out the online application by November 1, 2022

Along with your application, please email a letter of commitment signed by your CEO to PursuingEquity@ihi.org, subject line "Learning Network Application – Your Organization's Name."

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis through November 1, and you can expect a response from IHI within 30 days of the date your application is received.

Apply now

Having trouble with the form? You can download the application and email it to us at PursuingEquity@ihi.org.