Action Community

In the IHI Pursuing Equity Action Community, a small, close-knit cohort of teams will come together to make progress on measurable clinical equity projects and advance the culture of equity at their organizations, including: 

  • Improve outcomes in one area; 
  • Routinely monitor stratified data; 
  • Practice racial justice framing and communication; 
  • Embody a clear understanding of white supremacy culture; 
  • Leverage community partnerships; and  
  • Design systems and processes for multiracial and multicultural groups experiencing inequities to positively impact their system.

Additional opportunities for networking will be introduced throughout the Action Community. This small community will thrive on building relationships and trust, tracking progress and sharing data, sharing achievements, adapting ideas, group problem solving, and collective network building. To learn more about each activity, download the Request for Application document.

Expected Outcomes

While we don't expect to see demonstrable population level outcomes in the proposed 18-month period across every participating team, we expect that teams actively participating in the Action Community, we will see the following results:

  • Most participating organizations will see progress towards their desired clinical equity outcomes at the project level
  • Some participating organizations will begin to see progress on process measures at the population level
  • Some participating organizations will see greater results — like going to scale with an intervention or demonstrating the ability to sustain improvements
  • All participating organizations will have built the capacity to measure and move health equity results for the long haul, including a long-term plan to take their work to scale 
  • All participating organizations will demonstrate the capability to close equity gaps

Expectations and Who Should Participate

We are seeking health care organizations that:

  • Recognize that racism and other intersecting forms of oppression are systems issues and that work is required at the personal, team, and institutional levels to eradicate them;
  • Will share learning, challenges, and data transparently;
  • Commit to participation in all meetings over the 18-month period, including regular virtual calls and team travel to in-person Learning Sessions
  • Demonstrate full leadership support of their efforts and time commitment via a written letter of support from the CEO and the Board and throughout engagement in the Action Community;
  • Will contribute to dissemination to the field by being willing to share your work, challenges, learning, and successes (e.g., IHI blog posts, presentations, case studies, summary reports, media outlets); and
  • Have quality improvement (QI) knowledge and capability as evidenced by measurable results from previous QI initiatives;
  • Have accessible and usable race, ethnicity, and preferred language (REAL) and sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) data to measure progress toward their equity goals.

Teams should be multidisciplinary, comprising 3 to 7 people from your organization who are ready to improve equity and racial justice and commit to dismantling white supremacy culture. We recommend that your team composition includes a lens on quality improvement, equity, and patient-facing care. IHI will support each team in engaging people with lived experience of inequities, such as patients of color, throughout their work. Please plan to compensate those patients for their time.

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To Apply

There are 3 parts to the Action Community Application:

  1. The online application 
  2. Action Community Video Application
  3. A Letter of Commitment from your CEO and Board Chair

Please download the Request for Application for further information on the application process.

Action Community applications should be submitted and additional documents should be emailed to  with the subject line "Action Community Application – Your Organization Name" by October 21, 2022

The IHI team will review your video and application materials and contact your team by December 5th, 2022 with either an invitation to join the Action Community or with feedback and an offer to join the Learning Network.

Apply now

Having trouble with the form? You can download the application and email it to us at