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​​Update on the LLI Forum & Keynote Dinner

For the past 12 years, the IHI Lucian Leape Institute has hosted the annual LLI Forum & Keynote Dinner for LLI members to share their expertise and current work while learning and expanding their own understanding through interchange with those who attend. Although the IHI Lucian Leape Institute will no longer hold this event, the LLI would like to extend its gratitude to the sponsors, speakers, and participants who made each Annual LLI Forum & Keynote Dinner an invaluable learning opportunity for all involved. 

What's Next?

Now a key initiative of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, the IHI Lucian Leape Institute is working to expand its influence into each of the regions of the world that IHI serves. The LLI hopes that this strategic transition will spread the critical work of keeping patients and those who care for them free from harm.

The LLI continues to focus on emerging trends that will move the needle in patient safety and on neglected areas of key importance to safety. The LLI's commitment to supporting engaged leaders who drive cultures of safety and improvement remains at the forefront of its mission. The two most recent whitepapers from the IHI Lucian Leape Institute provide guidance for both senior leaders and board members. 

How to Stay Involved

  • Join Members of the IHI Lucian Leape Institute at an LLI Reception at the 2019 IHI National Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care
  • Attend sessions focused on LLI content and led by LLI Members at IHI Forums across the globe
  • Watch the LLI Keynote each year at the IHI Patient Safety Congress​


Please reach out to Joellen Huebner​, Senior Project Manager, with any questions or concerns at​​.