Activities and Calendar

​In the Improving Population Health Action Community, peer organizations will work together and with faculty to accelerate progress toward their population health goals. Beginning in August 2020, teams will work collaboratively to assess their current state and identify opportunities for improvement. Through in-person and virtual engagement, teams will learn from each other, test improvements, and employ measurement strategies to guide their improvement efforts.

Action Community Activities

  • Learning Sessions: One in-person, two-day meeting and two virtual half-day meetings to collaboratively learn about promising practices and how to test and adapt them to local settings. These sessions provide an opportunity for learning, networking, and refinement of action plans.
  • Action Periods: In between Learning Sessions, teams will build will, increase understanding of assets and opportunities in the communities they serve, and prioritize sub-populations and outcomes of focus. Teams will use rapid-cycle tests, measure those tests, and scale changes to advance their individual action plans. Action Periods are devoted to testing new changes and gaining confidence in the set of changes needed to reach teams’ population health aims. The Action Period activities include monthly all-team calls, individual support, and working groups.
  • Harvesting and Evaluation: Throughout the course of the Action Community, we will harvest the most promising ideas to inform our ongoing work. At the conclusion of the Action Community, we will invite all teams to share their results and learning in a virtual harvesting session. We will use the information and data to create materials and resources to support scale-up within participating organizations as well as a broader dissemination to other health systems.

Action Community Calendar*

Improving Population Health Action Community Calendar 2020-2021 *Note: Schedule subject to change due to COVID-19. Follow program updates on our COVID-19 resources page​.