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Audacious Goals for Health

Derek Feeley describes what IHI's hearing when we asked, "If you could launch an audacious goal for health, what would it be?"

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If You Could Launch an Audacious Goal for Health, What Would It Be?

Why did we invite people to submit their “audacious goals”?

At IHI we have a favorite saying: “Some is not a number, soon is not a time.” We’ve seen, over and over, that setting a common goal and a clear timeframe, and pursuing it together, can unleash amazing energy and productivity and creativity. Declaring an audacious goal can make the seemingly impossible possible. For the past month, IHI has invited our far-flung community of improvers to give us their ideas of “audacious goals for health.”

So far, we’ve gathered hundreds of ideas, and they keep coming. We’ve listed them here, complete and unedited. We invite you to read through them and give us your comments. Or if you have a goal in mind and you don’t see it here, click the "Send Your Goal" button on the left to enter your own goal.

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