Measures & Results

Improving Health Care Quality in South Africa

In this section, we describe progress towards achieving two of our clear goals:

  • Increasing the number of patients on life-saving HIV therapy
  • Decreasing the number of babies born with HIV.

Our aims are simple: save the most lives in the shortest possible time. To achieve these results, IHI partners closely with local, regional and national health system leaders in the Department of Health and with a dynamic group of South African non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

We can report that 93% of all patients eligible for HIV treatment (Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy) in IHI-supported projects are now receiving life-saving antiretrovirals through the hard work of all the partners. This surpasses the National Strategic Plan targets (80%) and is well-ahead of the rest of the country.  


Across the Prevention of Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission (PMTCT) programmes, four of the 12 districts where IHI has actively supported partners can now report consistent transmission rates below 5% (the national goal).

SA Latest Available MTCT Rate.PNG