Past Strategic Initiatives

The 5 Million Lives Campaign was a voluntary initiative to protect patients from five million incidents of medical harm over the next two years (December 2006 – December 2008).
How Will We Do That? Building Low-Cost, High-Quality Health Care Regions in America
The goal for How Will We Do That? was to build awareness among the American public and policy makers that successful models for achieving high-quality care at significantly reduced cost already exist in many regions and in many forms throughout the US.
The aim of the Idealized Design of Clinical Office Practices (IDCOP) initiative was to demonstrate that clinical office practices, with appropriate redesign, can achieve significant improvements in performance to meet today’s urgent social needs for higher-value health care. 
Impacting Cost + Quality
Leaders from pioneering organizations have come together to work on the most significant health care leadership challenge of our time. They are identifying and driving out waste in their systems while improving the quality of care delivered to patients.
The New Health Partnerships initiative seeks to use behavior change and health care system models to develop and test the most effective and efficient approaches for providing support to patients of a sort which enables and encourages greater patient self-management, while at the same time stimulating greater patient engagement in efforts to improve the design and delivery of health care services and systems. 
IHI was the National Program Office for Pursuing Perfection, a major initiative of The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, designed to create models of excellence at a select number of provider organizations that are redesigning all of their major care processes. 
The STate Action on Avoidable Rehospitalizations (STAAR) initiative aims to reduce rehospitalizations by working across organizational boundaries in three states — Massachusetts, Michigan, and Washington — and by engaging payers, state and national stakeholders, patients and families, and caregivers at multiple care sites and clinical interfaces.
Transforming Care at the Bedside (TCAB) was a unique innovation initiative of IHI and The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation that aimed to create, test, and implement changes that would dramatically improve care on medical/surgical units, and improve staff satisfaction as well.