MaiKhanda is funded through a grant provided by:


MaiKhanda was launched in 2006 and is fully funded by The Health Foundation, an independent charity working to improve the quality of health care in the UK.

C0052_J_022-c.jpgMaiKhanda works in close partnership with Reproductive Health Unit of the Ministry of Health towards the achievement of Malawi’s “Road Map for accelerating the reduction of Maternal and Neonatal Mortality and Morbidity in Malawi” and the national Safe Motherhood Task Force.

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement is the lead partner in a group of external partners who provide technical guidance and program support. Other partners are Women and Children First (WCF, UK), and University College London’s Centre for International Health and Development (ICH, UK).

MaiKhanda employs a total of 46 staff deployed across its three target districts of Kasungu, Lilongwe, and Salima. MaiKhanda is the largest maternal and infant learning program in Africa, covering a population of 3 million across 3 districts of Malawi, looking uniquely at an integrated facility quality improvement and community mobilization approach to reduce deaths.