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This initiative has ended.


“Our goal was to reduce our expenses by $2.5 million – 1% of our operating expenses. This work provided us with tools and a structure in which we were able to make great strides and present our work to senior management. The networking amongst Impacting Cost + Quality participants was important – it helped to work with others who were facing the same challenges.”
                 — Patricia Punzalan, Director of Lean, Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY 

About Impacting Cost + Quality

IHI has worked with a small number of organizations to develop these skills that reduce costs while improving quality. After a one-year collaboration, these organizations are on track to save a collective $30 million. How can your hospital emulate this success? Consider joining the 2011-2012 Impacting Cost + Quality initiative.
IHI hosted a free informational call about Impacting Cost + Quality on May 26, 2011.
Download the full Impacting Cost + Quality brochure.
Download a summary document of this program.
We asked current Impacting Cost + Quality teams about their experience so far. One team member said:
“The Impacting Cost + Quality program has strengthened the lines of communication between finance and quality. We have both learned and taught each other different approaches to quantifying quality metrics, which in turn creates a mutual respect for the work each of us does individually. This program has created excitement around the ability to measure quality metrics and quantify cost savings in ways we haven't thought about doing before.”
The focus of this program is on finding the waste and removing it. It is designed to answer your questions:
  • Where is the real waste in this organization? 
  • What projects are most important to improve cost and quality here?
  • How do we make the changes that reach our targets? 
  • How do we track the quality and financial impacts? 
  • How do we assure that gains this year will continue and be added to year after year?

Faculty will work with teams using a variety of engaging activities throughout the year, including three face-to-face meetings, more than 20 interactive webinars, and ongoing support from expert faculty on key topics. In this intensive year-long program, you can take full advantage of the following support:

  • Use of IHI’s Waste Identification Tool 
  • Guidance on selecting your portfolio of work 
  • Practical lessons learned from other participants 
  • “Stuck coaching” from IHI’s expert faculty 
  • Help identifying partners and potential savings beyond your walls