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The focus of this program will be on finding the waste and removing it – diagnosis and execution.  Participation will help your hospital leadership teams achieve measurable results within the year by arming you with:

  • The skills and tools to improve quality while removing 1% of operating expenses in 12 months of project work
  • A framework for year two and beyond that continually improves quality while reducing operation expenses by 1% per year and is responsive to changes in your environment
The program is designed to answer your questions:
  • Where is the real waste in this organization?
  • Do we need a new approach to balance our budget?
  • Which protocols or pathways don't add value to patient care?
  • Which improvements in care will lead to both better quality for patients and cost savings?
  • How have other organizations been successful at reducing waste and improving quality?
  • How do we make the changes that reach our targets?
  • How do we track the quality and financial impacts?
  • How do we assure that gains this year will continue and be added to year after year?
Participants will be able to select meeting and webinar work streams that are most relevant to their individual and organizational priorities. Teams will also be asked to share their own expertise with others throughout the initiative, ultimately contributing growing expertise to the entire improvement community.


Faculty will work with teams using a variety of engaging activities throughout the year, including three face-to-face meetings, more than 20 interactive webinars, and ongoing support from expert faculty on key topics. In this intensive year-long program, you can take full advantage of the following support:
  • Use of IHI’s Waste Identification Tool 
  • Guidance on selecting your portfolio of work
  • Practical lessons learned from other participants
  • Help identifying partners and potential savings beyond your walls