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Improvement Areas

The Model of Idealized Design of Clinical Office Practices (IDCOP) has evolved to focus on Four Themes for change as key to the design:
ACCESS    Patients have unlimited access to the care and information they need, when they need it.
     Measures of Success:
         • Third next available appointment
         • Future capacity: total open appointment time over the next four weeks
         • Patient ratings of satisfaction with access to care
         • Measures of process delays
INTERACTION   Interaction between the patient and care team is deep and personal. The care team has “memory” of the patient.
     Measures of Success:
         • Patient ratings of quality interactions( visit and non-visit)
         • Use of shared decision making models
         • Patient/Provider match
RELIABILITY    The system exhibits high reliability in that it provides all and only the care known to be effective.
     Measures of Success:
         • Patient ratings of coordination of care
         • Disease- specific health outcomes
         • Use of accepted protocols
         • Hospitalization rates
VITALITY     The practice has vitality: a happy staff, a spirit of innovation, and financial viability.
     Measures of Success:
         • Proportion of work that is innovative 
         • New patient visits
         • Staff morale
         • Operating margin