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Five Danpatientsikkert_sygehus_hvid_rgb.jpgish hospitals have agreed to embark on an extraordinary effort to optimize patient safety in their clinical settings. They are participating in the Danish Safer Hospital Program (Patientsikkert Sygehus), from January 2010 until December 2012.
The selected hospitals have committed to becoming the safest hospitals in Denmark, by ensuring every patient is treated safely, every time, when admitted to the hospital.
The goal of the Danish Safer Hospital Program is to reduce mortality by 15 percent and harm by 30 percent, by reducing, for example, the number of cardiac arrests, eliminating hospital infections, reducing pressure ulcers, and preventing medication errors.
The Danish Safer Hospital Program is a collaboration between TrygFonden, the Danish Regions and the Danish Society for Patient Safety, and supported by the technical expertise of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.