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Quality Improvement Workb​ooks

Topics include Reducing Harm from Obstetric Hemorrhage, Reducing Harm from Hypertension during Pregnancy, and Safe Reduction of NTSV Cesarean Births

Black Maternal Health: Redu​​​cing Inequities Through Community Collaboration

Reports include Guiding Principles and Community Summaries from Atlanta, Detroit, New Orleans, and Washington, D.C.

IHI Global Co​mmunity: Rapid Improve​​ment Network

Previous participants in IHI's Better Maternal Outcomes programming can use their account to access our page through the IHI Global Community. Through this page, participants can network and share resources as well as receive information about upcoming programming related to maternal health. Access the site with your account, or let u​s know you would like to join by emailing us at​

Blog Posts​

Reducing Inequities in Postpartum Maternal Morbidity and Mortality

by Deborah Bamel, Marian Johnson, and Marina Renton on 02/23/2023

How Community-Based D​​​oulas Can Help Address the Black Maternal Mortality Crisis​

by Catherine Mather on 04/15/2021

Testing New Ways to Put Equity into Action

by IHI Multimedia Team on 01/07/2021

One Health System's Journey to Reduce Harm from Hemorrhage

by Deborah Bamel on 12/07/2020​​

How to Make Perinatal Telehealth Safer and More Equitable​​​

by Catherine Mather on 12/03/2020​

5 Ways to Help Reduce Unnecessary Cesarean Sections

​by IHI Multimedia Team on 07/15/2020

Supporting New Mothers in the Time of COVID-19

by Ginny Trainor and Catherine Mather on 06/05/2020

Testing Virtual Ways to Support New Mothers​​​​

by Shannon Welch on 05/18/2020

You Can't Have Quality Without Equity

by Joia Crear Perry on 03/18/2020

"Do No Harm" Checkist Makes Care Safer by Design

by Ebony Marcelle on 02/27/2020

Using a System-Wi​de Appro​​ach to Improve Maternal Health

by Emma Robinson on 01/08/2020

What Clinicians Shouldn't Fear Telling The​​ir Pregnant and Post-Partum Patients

by Nadine Gelmar on 08/01/2019

Maternal Mortality Isn't Getting the Attention​​ it Deserves

by Derek Feeley on 6/27/2019

Maternal Mortality Should Be a Thing of the ​​Past

by Kimberlydawn Wisdom on 05/23/2019​

Other Resources

WIHI: Black Women and Maternal Care: Redesi​gning for Safety, Dignity, and Respe​ct

Article: To Prevent Women from Dying in Childbirth, First Stop Blaming Them

Lost Mothers: Maternal Mortality in the US

Study: Giving Voice to Mothers



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IHI Quality Improvement Essentials Toolkit


Clinical Topic Videos featuring our Faculty, Dr. Audra Meadows and Dr. Debra Bingham​


David R. Williams, PhD, MPH in conversation with Dr. Don Berwick, MD, MPP