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Join the Movement

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​IHI offers three ways for health systems and individuals to join the movement based on the ​degree of interest and self-motivation: 
  • Action Communities 
  • Do-It-Yourself Participation 
  • Scale-up Accelerator


Action Communities

Action Communities enable teams to accelerate reliable practice of the 4Ms in an active community of learners and testers. This 7-month journey to Recognition provides a structure for learning with and from other health systems and expert faculty. Over the course of the Action Community, teams participate in webinars and attend an in-person meeting (when possible) and develop their plan for practicing the 4Ms. ​If your health system or practice is interested in the Action Community,​​ read an Invitation to Join the IHI Action Community.​ 

The upcoming Action Communities are listed in the table below.

Host Organization

Enrollment Details

Association for Community Cancer Centers (ACCC)​

Learn more about this Action Community for oncology sites on the ACCC website

​​Registration Open
Beginning August 2022
Sign up here
American Hospital Association (AHA)
​Learn more about this national Action Community on the AHA Age-Friendly Health Systems webpage.

Register for the August 10th Informational Webinar to learn more about the Action Community. 

​​Registration Open 
Beginning September 2022
Sign up here
Veterans Health Administration (VHA)
​Learn more about this Action Community for VA sites by visiting the VA Age-Friendly SharePoint Hub. Please note that the link is only accesible to VA facilities. If you have any question, please reach out to

​​Registration Open 
Beginning October 2022
Sign up here


Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Participation

Some health systems are able to adopt the 4Ms without requiring the intensive support of an Action Community or Scale-up Accelerator services. IHI now offers this on ramp for systems that are motivated and want to start right away without waiting for an Action Community enrollment opportunity. To support such a DIY effort, IHI has developed an at-your-own pace opportunitiy. DIY Participants will receive the full guide to getting started, weekly emails outlining the steps toward recognition, and full support of the Age-Friendly Health Systems team. 

Join as a DIY Participant  

 Check out our Open School course to get started.


Scale-up Accelerator

​For large health systems, IHI provides customized Age-Friendly Scale-up Accelerator support to achieve system-wide spread. Through this mechanism, larger systems that make becoming Age-Friendly Health Systems a strategic imperative will receive specialized services aimed at supporting system leadership, clinical leadership, and point-of-care operations ​to adopt the 4Ms care practices.
For more details, please reach out to our team at


Get Recognized as an Age-Friendly Health System​

As of March 2022 over 2700 sites of care have earned either level 1 (Participant) or level 2 (Committed to Care Excellence) recognition in the movement. It’s a distinction based on an evidence-based framework known as the 4Ms. 
  • Level 1 (Participant) teams have successfully developed plans to implement the 4Ms.
  • Level 2 (Committed to Care Excellence) teams have three months of verified data to demonstrate early impact of using the 4Ms. 

Submit your 4Ms Care Description and IHI will recognize you as an Age-Friendly Health System. 

Have questions about the 4Ms Care Recognition process? Check-out the Frequently Asked Questions​.