Leadership Insights

​The 100 Million Healthier Lives initiative (100MLives) has helped deepen partnerships and fuel transformation in organizations, communities, and systems across the globe by sharing stories of improvements in population health, well-being, and equity.

In Leadership Insights, IHI's virtual conversation series, 100MLives partners and population and public health experts recount lessons learned and “fail forward" experiences from the initiative in their own words.

Working in Population Health and Equity

In this Leadership Insights conversation, IHI Vice President Niñon Lewis and Senior Director Marianne McPherson examine how involving the communities can transform population health, well-being, and equity. Watch their discussion and use 100MLives’ Racial Equity Map, Engaging People with Lived Experience Tools, and Advancing Equity Tools to center equity in your community.


Public Health in the Time of COVID-19

Susan Polan, Associate Executive Director for Public Affairs and Advocacy with the American Public Health Association, sat down with Marianne McPherson to talk about public health’s critical role as conveners. 100MLives’ Community of Solutions Framework and Community Transformation Map can help your organization bring players from across sectors together to create sustainable solutions for improving health, well-being, and equity for all people.


Power of Equity Action Labs

Jemea Dorsey, CEO of the Center for Black Women's Wellness, reflects on her experience with applying the Equity Action Lab model to improve maternal health and advance equity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hear what else she had to say to IHI Project Director Shannon Welch about the power of listening to women with lived experience to create transformative change.


Centering Equity and Shifting Power

Hilary Heishman, Senior Program Director at 100MLives funder Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, discusses the imperative for incorporating communities and people with lived experience into every aspect of public health systems. Watch what she had to say to IHI's Marianne McPherson about how 100MLives’ advancing equity tools can support marginalized communities to overcome complex population health challenges. Then take IHI’s online learning modules on Improving Health Equity and How to Improve with the Model Improvement to learn more.


Older Adult Well-Being and Mental Health

Dorothea Vafiadis, Director of the National Council on Aging's (NCOA) Center for Healthy Aging, talks with IHI's Marianne McPherson about the importance of working collaboratively across sectors to implement equitable solutions that ensure all older adults have the knowledge, tools, and resources to stay healthy and age with dignity, purpose, and security. 100MLives resources like the Health and Well-Being Measurement Approach and Assessment tool NCOA used and IHI’s Resources to Practice Age-Friendly Care and Guide to Using the 4Ms in the Care of Older Adults can help your organization get started.


Mental Health and Well-Being in Public Health and Health Care

Don Berwick, IHI President Emeritus, shares his perspective on some of the critical issues facing public health and health care today with Marianne McPherson. Listen to his expert insights about supporting mental health and centering equity, and learn how resources such as 100MLives’ Health and Well-Being Measurement Approach and Assessment Tools, Advancing Equity Tools, and IHI’s Achieving Health Equity: A Guide for Health Care Organizations can help your organization create equitable health outcomes.


Measuring Health, Well-Being, and Equity

In their conversation with IHI's Marianne McPherson, Dr. Carley Riley, Attending Physician at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, and Dr. Brita Roy, Director of Population Health at Yale School of Medicine, examine lessons learned from 100MLives and the COVID-19 pandemic for measuring health, well-being, and equity. Listen to their stories that teach and touch the heart, then use our Pathways to Population Health Framework, Pathways to Population Health Compass survey, and 100MLives Well-Being Assessments to create scalable, sustainable improvements in your community.


Community of Solutions Behaviors and Outcomes

IHI's Shannon Welch speaks with Aundria Goree, Director of Mission and Community Health at Mercy Hospital, about her experience with using the Community of Solutions framework and skills to lead her team and collaborate with the community she serves. Learn about how creating a mindset of abundance, engaging people with lived experience, and failing forward helped change behavior and improve health and equity outcomes in Oklahoma City.


Improving Population Health

Building on the success of 100MLives and Pathways to Population Health, the Improving Population Health Action Community brought together health care delivery organizations in pursuit of population health, well-being, and equity. Jessica Saunders, Director of Community Engagement at Dayton Children’s Hospital, talks with Ninon Lewis about how these IHI initiatives helped her health system set up for success by facilitating shared learning and progress across participating teams. Learn more about how Jessica was able to address population health issues holistically by combining quantitative data reviews with qualitative reports from families with lived experience.