Engaging People with Lived Experience

EngagingPeopleLivedExperience_Girl_510x253.jpgThis collection of resources provides key information and tools to support communities and organizations to authentically engage people with lived experience in co-design and implementation efforts.

Engaging People with Lived Experience (PWLE) Toolkit

This online toolkit includes the key steps, states, tips, and resources needed to engage community residents with lived experience in any level of a community's work, including those working at the leadership level.

Engaging Community Residents with Lived Experience: SCALE 1.0 Synthesis Report

The Spreading Community Accelerators through Learning and Evaluation (SCALE) initiative developed a strengths-based model of community transformation called Community of Solutions. This report focuses on the way in which traditional community leaders and community champions formed partnerships with one another on SCALE teams.

Engaging People with Lived Experience of Inequities: Relationship Building

This implementation guide explores relationship building for equity and offers resources, reflections, and tools for action to guide communities to strengthen existing partnerships and build new relationships.

Engaging People with Lived Experience of Inequities: Assessment Tool and Resource Guide

This tool and resource guide is designed to provide communities of all sizes and kinds with user-friendly tools for engaging people with lived experience of inequities. It also provides easy access to existing and emerging resources, as well as guidance on how to move forward and navigate next steps.

Co-Design/Distributed Leadership Debrief Discussion Tool

This tool can be used to assess the level of co-design and distributed leadership within teams.

Videos: Partnering with People with Lived Experience