Advancing Equity


This figure shows a 25-year difference in life expectancy for babies living just a few miles apart in New Orleans. [Source: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2013]

These tools and documents support communities' efforts to prioritize equity in an authentic and deep way and address racism as a determinant of health as they work towards achieving improvements in health and well-being.

100 Million Healthier Lives Approach to Equity

This paper describes the 100MLives approach to equity and shares ways to support this work in the field, including how we "define" equity, foundational concepts, our approach and guiding principles.

Equity Action Lab Implementation Guide

The Equity Action Lab model provides a structure and focus to bring together a diverse team to make meaningful progress on a health equity goal in a short amount of time.

Racial Equity Map (REM)

The REM will help guide an organization's thinking and actions to advance racial equity, including seeing where an organization is on its racial equity journey, sparking thoughtful and respectful conversations, and identifying action steps to advance racial equity together.

100 Million Healthier Lives Touchstones for Collaboration

This document lists the Touchstones for Collaboration used in 100MLives to guide the way we worked together.