US Government Opportunities

IHI has a longstanding history of partnering with US federal government organizations to support quality and safety transformation, build capability among leaders at all levels, and provide expert guidance and support for a broad range of top-priority topics and areas of emerging importance.

Using IHI improvement methods, we create customized opportunities for federal entities and the health care workforce caring for our active military and their families, veterans, and federal leaders overseeing our nation's health.

Expert Anal​ysis and Recommendations for Improving System-wide Performance

Diagnostics bring IHI's expertise directly to your organization, focusing on high-value opportunities for improvement and offering pragmatic, actionable recommendations. Diagnostics are beneficial to focus improvement efforts to address challenges in a specific area and to accelerate progress toward embedding and ensuring a system-wide culture of continuous improvement. Learn more about Diagnostics >>

Support for Quality and Safety Transformation

IHI has worked intensively with government entities to drive transformational change. To achieve bold aims in quality and safety and build long-term sustainability, IHI and partnering organizations work together to implement a set of proven tools and strategies while also developing a learning system to immediately spread knowledge and changes among a variety of health care settings across the system. Learn more about Support for Transformation >>

Capability Building and Educational Programs

Through IHI's educational programs, government leaders at all levels can develop their knowledge and skills in quality improvement, patient and workforce safety, and other key areas.


Examples of IHI Engagements with US Federal Partners

Strategic Partnership with the Military Health System

IHI engages deeply with a select group of organizations worldwide in multi-year, multi-touch Strategic Partnerships designed to drive system-wide transformation. In October 2015, the US Military Health System joined an influential list of health care systems as an IHI Strategic Partner. This partnership aimed to accelerate the Military Health System toward a vision of providing the “quadruple aim” of better heath, better care, and lower cost while ensuring the highest level of medical readiness. The partnership focused on key areas: learn from an international network of Strategic Partners; leverage training opportunities to support high-reliability organization transformation; and design and lead system-wide improvement specifically in the areas of surgical safety and access to care.

National Nursing Home COVID-19 Action Network

In Fall 2020, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) funded the National Nursing Home COVID-19 Action Network, led by the University of New Mexico's ECHO Institute and supported by IHI. Together, we engaged 9,000 participating US nursing facilities in ECHO-style learning communities focused on real-time COVID-19 preparedness and response. IHI’s involvement in the effort (September 2020 to September 2021) was to rapidly develop an agile, robust, and compassionate curriculum in response to a prolonged COVID-19 crisis negatively impacting the mental and physical health of nursing home residents, leaders, and staff. IHI maintained and updated the COVID-19 curriculum, in consultation with experts and with approval from Project ECHO and AHRQ, and worked with participating sites to build community and encourage use of adaptable and technical quality improvement (QI) methods. Over time, the curriculum and available supplementary materials were revised to encompass emerging issues, such as vaccine confidence, and to reflect apparent needs, such as emotional support for staff dealing with trauma. Materials included slide decks, videos, QI-specific content, and a “playbook” summarizing learning and additional resources.

Climate Change and Health Care

In 2022, AHRQ commissioned IHI to conduct a research initiative to support health care organizations in monitoring their carbon emissions and accelerating progress toward environmental sustainability goals. In close collaboration with experts in health care sustainability, clinical practice, and health system leadership, this initiative aimed to advance a prioritized set of health care sustainability measures and identify evidence-based, system-level interventions to reduce health care’s greenhouse gas emissions. This initiative produced a publication in September 2022: Reducing Healthcare Carbon Emissions: A Primer on Measures and Actions for Healthcare Organizations to Mitigate Climate Change.


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