Onsite Educational Programs

​​​ Onsite Educational Programs

The IHI programs listed below can be offered onsite at a location of your choosing. Pricing starts at US $70k. Not sure which training is right for your team? Please email CustomizedServices@ihi.org.

  • The Science of Improvement: A two-day workshop introducing the science of improvement and a framework for organizing and implementing improvement projects as well as enhancing your understanding of improvement theories, concepts, methods, and tools. Available for 100 to 150 participants.
  • Senior Leadership Program: A two-day program, led by experts in governance and quality, designed to improve the capability of an organization’s leadership team to oversee quality and safety endeavors. The program is based on the IHI High-Impact Leadership Framework. Available for 20 to 40 participants.
  • Accelerated Patient Safety Program: An intensive four-day program for organizations looking to increase the depth and pace of their safety improvements. Available for 60 to 80 participants.
  • Improvement Science in Action Program: A four-month program focused on the practical application of improvement science designed for people actively involved in designing and executing on health care improvement projects. Available for 80 to 100 participants.
  • Improvement Coach Professional Development Program: A 3-month journey designed to provide the necessary knowledge and skills required to successfully coach improvement teams and facilitate improvement strategies. Available for 30 to 35 participants
  • Improvement Advisor Professional Development Program: A ten-month professional development and support program to help create and nurture Improvement Advisors. Available for 24 participants.
  • IHI Breakthrough Series College: A three-day session designed to prepare participants to adapt and employ proven methods to spread outstanding improvements. Available for 40 to 60 participants.


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