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Innovation at IHI

​The Institute for Healthcare Improvement has a long tradition of formulating creative solutions to some of the most complex problems facing health care systems. Providers from all over the globe have partnered with and employed our ideas and techniques to dramatically improve care, increase patient safety, and reduce harm.
Our innovation work is not about biomedical breakthroughs, new drugs, or advanced medical devices. Instead, IHI works on creating new models of care that facilitate widespread adoption of better, evidence-based practices that connect these important inventions with the patients who will benefit from them. With improvement science as a foundation, we aim to build a bridge between new innovative tools and techniques and the frontlines of care to improve quality and lower costs over time.
IHI has a small Innovation Team with dedicated resources to support these efforts. The Innovation Team at IHI serves as the organization’s internal engine for research and development. To generate new ideas for improving health care, the Innovation Team executes a new set of innovation projects every quarter as part of our Innovation Strategy. Recognizing the importance of both process and timeline, IHI focuses extensively on specifying the question that needs to be answered and then initiating a process that is best suited to achieve the designed outcome.