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Always Events Toolkit
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Always Events are aspects of the patient experience that are so important to patients and families that health care providers must perform them consistently for every patient, every time. The toolkit supports providers in partnering with patients and family members to co-design, reliably implement, and sustain and spread Always Events to dramatically improve the care experience.
A Focus on Always Events
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The IHI Always Events framework is a strategy to help health care leaders identify, develop, and achieve reliability in a person- and family-centered care delivery process. This article describes Always Events, provides examples, and identifies specific leadership actions to support organizations in implementing Always Events.
Transplant Guardian Angel Always Event
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The Transplant Guardian Angel program was developed to ensure that patients and families are supported through the transplant surgical process by providing them with accurate, real-time updates and clinical information, thereby reducing anxiety and increasing effective communication between care delivery teams.
MyStory Always Event
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MyStory is an interprofessional effort designed to personalize the care provided to pediatric patients and transform the hospital experience for the patients and families by capturing each pediatric patient’s “story” and use the story to personalize the care provided and involve them in care planning and decision making.
WIHI: Recognizing Person- and Family-Centered Care: Always Events at IHI
Current average rating is 5 stars.
September 26, 2013 | This WIHI looks at Always Events – a set of reliable practices that should happen for all patients, all the time – and a recognition program to spotlight organizations committed to this level of transformation.
"Same Page" Transitional Care Resources for Patients and Care Partners
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These resources and tools were developed for patients and their caregivers or care partners to use when planning for care or during a stay in a hospital or skilled nursing facility. The goal is to support patients, their care partners, and the team of health care providers to all be “on the same page” in understanding the patient’s health and health care needs when the patient is transitioning from one setting of care to another.
Always Use Teach Back!
Current average rating is 5 stars.
The Always Use Teach Back! tools can be used to confirm patient understanding of care instructions by asking patients to repeat the instructions using their own words.
PAIR Parent Mentor Program
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PAIR — Parents Assisting Inspiring Reassuring — is a program created to help parents of children with cancer connect with other parents, who serve as mentors. The team at St. Jude’s developed a number of tools, including a detailed presentation about the program and tools for recruiting and onboarding mentors, matching mentors with mentees, and training mentors.
ISHAPED Patient-Centered Approach to Nurse Shift Change Bedside Report
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ISHAPED (I=Introduce, S=Story, H=History, A=Assessment, P=Plan, E=Error Prevention, and D=Dialogue) focuses on making bedside shift reports more patient- and family- centered. The goal is to always include patients in the ISHAPED nursing shift-to-shift handoff process at the bedside to add an additional layer of safety by enabling the patient to communicate potential safety concerns.
SMART Discharge Protocol
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The SMART Discharge Protocol (Signs, Medications, Appointments, Results, and Talk with me) was developed to improve care for patients and families and to improve the discharge process. The tools include the SMART Discharge Checklist for patients and families, FAQs for health care staff and clinicians about implementing the SMART Discharge Protocol, a presentation, and a self-learning packet.
Always Events Blueprint for Action and Always Events Healthcare Solutions Book
Current average rating is 5 stars.
These tools guide organizations in creating a more person- and family-centered culture through the development and implementation of Always Events, defined as aspects of the patient experience that are so important to patients and families that health care providers should always get them right.
WIHI: Always Events: Raising Expectations for Patient Experience​
Current average rating is 4 stars.
September 8, 2011 | This program discusses what the Picker Institute calls "Always Events," activities and processes that should routinely be part of patient care and the patient and family experience, to ensure optimal communication, discharge, handoffs, transitions, health literacy, and more.

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