Wallet-Sized Appointment Card for People with HIV/AIDS

Truman Medical Center
Kansas City, Missouri, USA


A wallet-sized appointment card for people with HIV/AIDS to assist with self-management and retention of medical information and appointments.

The Truman Medical Center Case Management Team developed this tool while participating in an improvement project with IHI and the HIV/AIDS Bureau. The wallet-sized appointment card was designed to make it easier for patients to keep track of their medical information and appointments, particularly when being seen in other medical or specialty clinics. In addition, the card helps patients communicate the level of their HIV illness to non-immunodeficiency medical staff by showing the card during appointments.

The card works best if printed on firm cardex paper. Many patients have stated that they like the card to be printed on bright-colored paper, to help with easy identification in their wallet. Provide patients with a card that contains a starting point for managing their medical information. For example, write down the current labs and their next appointment to help patients get started using the card. Provide patients with the name of a contact person who can tell patients their medical information, like their most recent viral load or CD4 values, when they are not in clinic for an appointment. Make sure that patients know where to get a new card if their card becomes full or lost.


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