Safety Huddle Results Collection Tool

Iowa Health System
Des Moines, Iowa, USA


Safety Briefings increase safety awareness among front-line staff and help an organization develop a culture of safety. To determine whether or not Safety Briefings are successful in accomplishing these goals, data must be collected to monitor progress. It is also important to collect data regarding the staff’s perception of the value of testing or implementing changes that affect their daily work. If staff do not perceive that a change has value or will bring improvement, the change will not be sustained.


Iowa Health System tested the use of Safety Briefings (which it calls "Safety Huddles") to increase safety awareness and designed this tool to assist its staff with data collection during those tests. The tool can be used with the Safety Briefings but is not limited to that format. The tool enumerates data elements to collect during a test of Safety Briefings, including medication safety issues and "near miss" medication errors that are identified before they cause harm.



This tool can be used to aggregate data collected during tests of Safety Briefings. When first testing Safety Briefings, it is important to gather information about staff perceptions of value. However, this information need not be collected at every Briefing, but only at the beginning and the end of the test. If an organization then decides to permanently implement Safety Briefings, other data collection tools may be used to track important information such as issues raised by staff and opportunities to improve safety.


Review the tool prior to use, and modify it according to the needs of your organization and the actual test.

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