Quality Management Program Assessment Tools

National Quality Center (NQC), New York, New York, USA

Health Resources and Services Administration National HIVQUAL Project, Rockville, Maryland, USA 


A quality management program functions best if the organization is able to put a structure in place to actively monitor and promote quality. This tool provides a framework for assessing the organizational framework of a quality management program and for identifying areas in a quality management program that need development. Assessment tools are available here for each Ryan White CARE Act Title.

The Tools developed for Title I and II grantees will help assess:
  • Quality Management Plan
  • Organizational infrastructure for quality
  • Implementation of Quality Management Plan
  • Capacity building
The Title III and IV tool will help assess the following areas of your quality management program:
  • Quality infrastructure
  • Quality planning
  • Performance measurement
  • Quality improvement activities
  • Staff involvement
  • Evaluation of quality program



The National HIVQUAL Project developed the Quality Management Program Assessment Tool for Title III and IV Ryan White CARE Act grantees. This was adapted for Title I and II grantees by the National Quality Center and the Health Resources and Services Administration's HIV/AIDS Bureau.

A team approach is best when assessing your existing quality program. Meet with individuals who have a role in your quality program and complete the assessment together. If you have an active Quality Management Committee, you might want to meet with them.
Descriptions are listed to rate yourself in each section with scores from 0-5. Scores 2 and 4 are purposefully left without a description for programs who feel they are in between other scores.
Review the completed assessment tool with your quality team to determine areas that need development within your quality management program.

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