Project Initiative Tool: Clinical Manager Impact Workbook

Institute for Healthcare Improvement (in conjunction with Lynn Spragens and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Quality initiatives have a business and financial impact. Some may have a net resource cost, with significant quality paybacks, such as reduced errors or mortality. Many, probably most, have a positive business impact as well as quality impact. However, the impact is often outside of your department or budget authority, or not reflected in your management reports.
Eventually some initiatives die out because of the lack of planning for resource needs, insufficient information about the business impact, or how to convert it into investment for sustainable improvements.
This tool is intended for use by clinical managers, such as unit leaders, directors, and others, with direct oversight of bedside care activity. When used at an early stage of a clinical quality improvement project, this tool will help clinical managers evaluate the expected impact on quality, resource use and needs, and the potential business and financial impact of the project.
The tools will also help project managers improve their ability to prioritize projects and manage financial tradeoffs, as well as ensure that relevant data is measured and finance staff are involved early on.

Download the tool for complete instructions. The tool contains four components:
  1. Data Request Sheet (1): Business Impact Assessment Summary Data Request
  2. Data Request Sheet (2): Business Impact Assessment Detailed Patient Information
  3. Clinical Manager Questionnaire
  4. Impact and Savings Summary
Use the Innovation Quality Project Summary Sheet Multi-Project Tracking Tool in conjunction with this Project Initiative Tool.

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