Paediatric Trigger Tool for Measuring Adverse Events (UK version)

Safer Care Team
NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement

Coventry, England


Based on the IHI Global Trigger Tool, the Paediatric Trigger Tool (PTT) is a structured case note review tool that measures the rate of harm (adverse events) in the organisation using paeditric-specific triggers to identify adverse events. It provides paediatric teams with an unbiased measure of the incidence of iatrogenic harm experienced by their patients (i.e., harm caused by medical care).

The PTT also enables teams to prioritise safety improvement activity and track these improvements over time.
The UK Paediatric Trigger Tool was developed with the support of clinicians in nine hospitals across the UK in order to detect adverse events in paediatric care provided in district general hospitals, acute teaching hospitals and specialist paediatric centres.
This work has built on the original work of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, in developing the IHI Global Trigger Tool for use in adults, the Acute Trigger Tool, an adaption for use in UK hospitals, and original research led by Professor Anne Matlow to develop a Canadian Paediatric Trigger Tool.
Download the tool from the NHS Institute Safer Care website.

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