Kaiser Permanente MedRite Program

Kaiser Permanente
Oakland, California, USA

Kaiser Permanente (KP) MedRite is a comprehensive program focused on improving the safety and reliability of medication administration in the hospital setting. KP MedRite was created to reduce nurse interruptions during medication administration and to create a standard workflow for the administration process.

KP MedRite is a three-component system:

  1. MedRite Process: The step-by-step workflow for RNs to administer medications. 
  2. No Interruption Wear (NIW): A sash or vest signals that no one should interrupt (talk to) the RN who is wearing the sash unless there is an emergency. 
  3. Sacred Zone: A space marked out on the floor with tape in front of the area where the nurse pulls and prepares medications in the medication room. This zone signifies that no one should cross or talk to an RN who is in the space.
KP MedRite is the product of a collaborative effort between The Innovation Consultancy, supported by KP HealthConnect, and nurses and front-line workers at the Hayward, South Sacramento, and West Los Angeles Kaiser Permanente Medical Centers.
The tool has four components:
  1. Overview describing the KP MedRite Program
  2. Leadership change package
  3. Nurse (Staff) change package
  4. Project Manager change package
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