Innovation Quality Project Summary Sheet Multi-Project Tracking Tool

Institute for Healthcare Improvement (in conjunction with Lynn Spragens and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
This summary tool is designed to help leaders and project managers track multiple quality improvement projects concurrently. It can also be used as a tool to communicate necessary information about a quality improvement project to key stakeholders and decision makers.

Your organization can benefit from having systems in place that direct every level of change in a way that is intentional, clear, measurable, and efficient. This tool is designed to provide a starting point from which you can customize the tool to suit your organization’s (or department’s) unique needs for project management. Ultimately, the goal is to build a system that creates and reinforces open communication between all decision makers involved in a quality improvement project. This template is designed to make information gathering and communication straight-forward.

This worksheet should draw heavily on the Project Initiative Tool, and should be completed in dialog with the team leaders. Additional tracking information will be needed. It is recommended that notes be kept on financial sources and detailed measures (which may serve multiple projects), and that the assumptions be revisited regularly. This worksheet can serve as the basis for an overall estimate of impact. It may not be appropriate to "sum" the savings columns, because multiple projects may impact the same measures in the same department.

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