How-to Guide: Prevent Obstetrical Adverse Events

​Institute for Healthcare Improvement
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

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How-to Guide: Prevent Obstetrical Adverse Events. Cambridge, MA: Institute for Healthcare Improvement; 2012. (Available at

This How-to Guide describes the essentials elements of preventing obstetrical adverse events, including the safe use of oxytocin and key evidence-based care components in the IHI Perinatal Bundles: IHI Elective Induction Bundle (Oxytocin), IHI Augmentation Bundle (Oxytocin), and the IHI Vacuum Bundle. The guide describes how to implement these interventions and recommends measures to gauge improvement.

The content of this How-to Guide was developed through the work of faculty and participants in the IHI Perinatal Improvement Community. Teams participating the IHI Community are using the bundles in conjunction with the IHI Improving Perinatal Care Driver Diagram to improve perinatal care and reduce harm.

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