Always Events Getting Started Kit

​Institute for Healthcare Improvement
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

An Always Events® is a clear, action-oriented, and pervasive practice or set of behaviors that provides the following:

  • A foundation for partnering with patients and their families;
  • Actions that will ensure optimal patient experience and improved outcomes; and
  • A unifying force for all that demonstrates an ongoing commitment to person- and family-centered care.

Always Events are aspects of the patient experience that are so important to patients and families that health care providers must perform them consistently for every patient, every time.

IHI created the Always Events Getting Started Kit to help providers at the front lines of care understand what an Always Event is, how to select a set of practices for an Always Event initiative, and the steps for implementing the initiative.

The Kit includes two case studies of organizations that have successfully implemented an Always Event initiative, as well as practical guidance for how to implement the four foundational elements of an Always Event: leadership, patient and family partnership, staff engagement, and measurement.



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