The Sorry Works! Coalition: Making the case for full disclosure

Wojcieszak D, Banja J, Houk C. The Sorry Works! Coalition: Making the case for full disclosure. Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety. Jun 2006;32(6):344-350.

The Sorry Works! Coalition, an organization of doctors, lawyers, insurers, and patient advocates, is dedicated to promoting full disclosure and apologies for medical errors as a "middle-ground solution" in the medical liability crisis. If a standard of care was not met (as shown by a root cause analysis) in a bad outcome or adverse event, the providers (and their insurer) should apologize to the patient/family, admit fault, provide an explanation of what happened and how the hospital will ensure that the error is not repeated, and offer compensation. The Sorry Works! protocol is based on the disclosure program developed at the Department of Veterans Affairs Hospital in Lexington, Kentucky.


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