Promising Care: How We Can Rescue Health Care by Improving It

​Berwick DM. Promising Care: How We Can Rescue Health Care by Improving It. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers; 2014.

Berwick: Promising Care: How We Can Rescue Health Care by Improving ItPromising Care: How to Rescue Health Care by Improving It collects 16 speeches given over a period of 10 years by Donald M. Berwick, an internationally acclaimed champion of health care improvement and President Emeritus and Senior Fellow of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

These landmark speeches (including all of Berwick’s speeches delivered at IHI’s annual National Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care from 2003 to 2012) clearly show why our medical systems don’t reliably contribute to our overall health. As a remedy he offers a vision for making our systems better — safer, more effective, more efficient, and more humane.
Each of Berwick’s compelling speeches is preceded by a brief commentary by a prominent figure in health care, policy, or politics who has a unique connection to that particular speech. Contributors include such notables as Tom Daschle, Paul Batalden, and Lord Nigel Crisp. Their commentaries reflect on how it felt to hear the speech in the context in which it was delivered, and assess its relevance in today’s health care environment. The introduction is written by Maureen Bisognano, President Emerita and Senior Fellow of Institute for Healthcare Improvement, and author of Pursuing the Triple Aim.

Promising Care presents a "second installment" of speeches, with Berwick's previous book Escape Fire capturing his IHI National Forum speeches from 1992 through 2002.

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