Volume to Value: The Challenges Associated with Negotiating Bundled Payments Utilizing Harvard’s TDABC Methodology

​Connecticut Joint Replacement Institute (CJRI)
Hartford, Connecticut, USA

CJRI adopted the IHI Triple Aim as its strategic framework to migrate from a “transaction-driven” business to an integrated model: strategically, clinically, and operationally. Part of this transition from volume to value is the development of payment models of the future, including the “bundled payment.” CJRI has been at the forefront in the usage of bundled payments as a method of payment for the total joint replacement population.

This posterboard presented at IHI's 25th Annual National Forum (December 2013) describes the benefits as well as the challenges encountered by this team developing bundled payments for joint replacement. As a pilot site with the Harvard Business School, CJRI is a participant in the IHI Joint Replacement Learning Community.

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